Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend of "Nothing"

Remember when I told you we had no plans? Yep we did NOTHING. was glorious and because we didn't do anything.

Friday I got home from work and Baby Fox did boy things and played in the dirt and mud

yep, he refuses to wear sandals without socks, he's channeling his inner asian
 Friday calls for homemade pizza right? This is the Trader Joe pizza dough (in the fridge section) and pizza sauce, we split into two, so we can get our own toppings. Of course cheeseless because I am allergic, Mr. did add cheese just before it came out of the oven.

The kids had this...well when I say kids I really mean Baby Fox because Mini Fox doesn't like two things, mashed potatoes and Yams

That really dark burnt spot there? That was from the other yam that I made...pictured below
 This is how much Baby Fox ate, he loves yams the most.

Mini she's not walking...she's barely standing. See how it's blurry? It's because she can stand for 2 seconds before falling. Mr. and I have a bet as to when she'll start walking, I have 13.5 months and below, Mr. has everything above...he's  convinced he's going to win.

She looks stable, but she's not even close to walking...don't tell Mr. but I think he might win. I can't remember what we bet, but I do know that if I win, I will never let him forget.

We watched World War Z...we had no idea what the movie was about but we really liked it, you should see it too, really it's a zombie movie, but a good zombie movie.

Saturday, lazy day, we barely made it to the park.

Baby Fox picked out his outfit...can you tell?

Trying to help Mini Fox "walk"...


Daddy's girl, through and through

She just wants to be included too #littlesisterproblems

yep she's pantsless
 Milk, it does a body good (okay it's not really milk, it's actually egg yolk, lol)

Mr. put that flower on the top of her head
We watched The Host, wasn't sure what to expect, but we really liked it, not a movie we'd watch over and over again, but it was good too.


Church time and then an impromtu concert: Introducing Mr. and Baby Fox with their rendition of "Dinosaur Train"

Baby Fox realized his guitar wasn't facing the same direction...

After naps we had some friends over for pool time and BBQing. Good times

Dinner time!

Ready for bed

Lots of people, a big mess but our hearts are full with such great friends to spend our time with

What did you do this weekend? Post your link so I can read about your weekend.

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  1. Gorgeous family! <3 & as a pregnant person, I LOVE seeing food pics! Ha!

  2. At least wearing socks with sandals keeps his sandals from smelling as bad. Henry's keens smell SO BAD. I washed them last week and 2 days later, they were smelly again. That boy has some stinky feet. :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend though! Nothing like spending the weekend with family.
    Mess, what mess? that looks like my house most of the time ;)

  4. No plans weekends are the best!! And it looks like you guys were relaxed and had fun!!

  5. Hi! Found you via the Friday Link up :)
    You have a beautiful family! Looks like a nice relaxing weekend!

  6. Annabelle didn't start walking until close to 15 months! I thought she was never going to do it! Now, one month later, she's running ALL over!

  7. hahaha - he's channeling his inner asian. ahh weekends being lazy are the best, and still end up being so full of fun anyway esp with a kid I think. Fingers crossed you win the bet =)