Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New Decorating Series with My Mom - Today's Topic is Mantels

Welcome if you are here from The Blended Blog! If you are starting here, hope on over to Decorating with Mom: Mantels where my mom talks about how to decorate your mantel for Halloween, but really the same concepts can be applied to any holiday, I'll wait....

Now that you're back, didn't she do such a great job?! Growing up she decorated for every single season/Holiday, including St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's day, you name it she had something up for it. I wish I had that bone in my body, to have an eye like that. To see something in the store and say, hey I know where I can put that!

We incorporated objects of things I had and things we found in the store (Pier One and Home Goods). I didn't really picture document the whole process but I'll talk about it. We found the pumpkin garland at Pier One along with the curtain that we draped over the picture. I'm so glad that my mom talked me into getting that, totally worth it!

We started out by putting the garland on the mantel and trying to put everything in front of it, but found that it wasn't working out when we tried to place anything else, since the pumpkins were so big, we ended up covering how cute the garland was. See in that last picture how there is no room for anything else?

So we decided to change it up a bit and put the garland in the front and everything else behind it. We anchored the garland with some ribbon to the skull and cross bones on either side, and then took one of the "leaves" and put it under the skull and bird to keep the garland in place. Then placed everything behind it. In doing so, we now had a height issue, so we stole all of the kids books within reach and started stuffing them under everything.

I had the trick-or-treat bags (they don't have these specific ones, but they do have some cute ones), the spooky candle holder, ghost plate and the little men in front of the skull and cross bones.

 I think it turned out fantastic. We ended up not using a table runner or anything like that because the garland took up so much space we didn't think it needed it. I think I am going to try and find some flickering battery operated tea lights for the candle tree. Mom decided she wanted to use the rest of the stuff that I had, and we figured the dining room table was the best place for it.

Obviously I need a picture in that frame, yep had the frame out all last year...empty. Sad right?

And then the last touch is the Monster Wreath I made a couple of years ago, I just love this little guy, and the kids love him too. Click here for the easy tutorial on how to do this.

My new decorations sure look WAY better than last years decorations. And I used a lot of the same stuff, goes to show you with just the right finishing pieces can go a long way!

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