Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Recap: Another Study Weekend

Another Monday that came to quickly. Even though I had Friday off, still seems too short.

As you know last weekend was spent staying away from the house so Mr. could study, and this weekend was the same. Friday we took Baby Fox to school. I tried to get a selfie...but you know how that goes...trying to get a 4 and 2 year old to cooperate. Well mostly the 4 year old, since the 2 year old was strapped in the stroller.

Baby Fox you're covering your sister...

Wait, now you're not in the picture...I give up, we're going to be late for school.
Side note: bad idea to walk to school in the heat, I didn't think it was that hot out, but I got all sweaty walking I am ready for this heat to end!

Did you know that Toyota Camry's (not sure if other cars are doing this too) but the dash boards are actually melting? Yep, the other day Mr. says, why is your dashboard so sticky? I said I don't know, I keep the sun shade up when I'm parked, I have no idea how to fix it. He said I bet someone out there is having the same problem. Then, literally, 2-3 days later a recall notice appears in  our mail saying that some people's dash boards are melting in the heat! So I get a free dashboard December...haha, that's how long it's going to take. Anyway, before dropping her off at my parents (didn't want to take her to the appointment at the dealership), our pool guy was at the house when we got back from dropping off Baby Fox with his doggy, who Mini Fox just adores.

I told her we had to go and she waves and me and say okay, bye Mama.

I went to the dealer ship to get my dashboard accessed, they told me it would take an hour, it didn't, it took 5 minutes) so I ran home and went to get some pants hemmed.

Then took this girl to the doctors.

She is in the 82% for height and 47% in weight. If those old wives tales are true about how you double the height at age 2 for girls, and 2.5 for boys, Mini Fox should be 5 feet 11 inches tall...haha. She is going to tower over me! All fun and games until the shot lady comes.

We headed back to my parents afterward and she was a crying mess, my parents fed right into it and catered to her every need. Little Miss parents told her an ice pack would help.

Then she needed her water and all her stuffed animals.

And when she got up, she would grab her leg and limp, dramatic much? Don't worry, I had asked the nurse if I should give her anything for the pain, she said no, it's not like that and that it hurts the most going in. So I knew it was mostly all in her head.

But it didn't stop her from milking it some more just before dinner, dragging Baby Fox into her sympathy camp.

And then Ampa jumped into the same camp as everyone else...except Mama...mean Mama. This picture... my Mom bought her, her new favorite chips (we call them cheesy chips, in reality they are Cheetos) I told her she had to eat them at the table...instead my mom sets up a towel kingdom so she doesn't have to move off of her brand new couch. Talk about SUCKER! I'll talk about why we there all day later on.

Don't worry she recovered a few minutes after when her brother had something she wanted.

Saturday Baby Fox had soccer, and again the temps went up just in time for the game! Poor kids, but they seemed to be having a blast anyway. Getting pumped up for the game.

Afterwards we went to lunch at In and Out with the Coach and his family. Did I tell you guys I want to Elementary school with his coach? We reconnected at our 10 year high school reunion and it turns out that we lived in the same city and then went on to having kids only a couple of months apart.

Monkey #1...


We home got some naps in and then Mr. studied while I took the kids out. What better place than the Mall play area...

Monkey #2...

 I promised them one ride when we left.

We headed out to a late dinner (give Mr. some more time to study), and ended up at our favorite Mexican place, totally out of our way, but oh so yummy.

With chips bigger than your head!

So funny, she kept pointing to this sign and saying "Ariel! Ariel!" Nope sweetie, pretty sure that is Mexico...haha. But I give her points, it does sort of look like a fish tail there at the bottom.

Sunday I went to the grocery store, and there was actually fog...I forgot what it looks like. Please tell me Fall is coming!

I got home, packed lunches and headed off to the gym with the kids. I worked out for a bit and then we headed down to the pool. She loves watching her brother swim.

She's playing peek-a-boo with me.

She didn't want to swim so she ran around in the splash pad (no that other kid is not Baby Fox), he's in the pool swimming.

Heading out, had to wrap her up tight.

When we got home, down for naps and when they woke up Daddy was watching football, so they occupied themselves with their laptops, than you V-Tech and Leap Frog.

Mom in background writing her blog post (see announcement below), isn't she so cute? I'm making meatloaf in the way, way background
The meatloaf recipe I use calls for garlic croutons, since I can't eat any store bought ones I had to make my own. Yum! So easy and now my daily salads are going to be a little bit better and crunchier.

The kids wanted to help make the meatloaf, mostly because they like pushing the button on the food processor.

Dinner was yummy, both kids ate the meatloaf, win in my book! Plus tonight's meatloaf sandwich...that's what I'm talking about. (P.S. I really only made the meatloaf because I really wanted meatloaf sandwiches for leftovers.) Now onto that thing I was working on with my Mom and my project.

Usually I would take the kids home for a nap, but they napped at my parents because my mom and I are starting a new project, potentially a new series called Decorating with Mom on The Blended Blog. Tomorrow she's showing you how to decorate your mantle! And on my blog we're going to show you how we decorated my mantle. I'm so excited to show you, I will leave you with a hint of what is on my mantle: this spooky curtain, I just love it and can't wait for you to see it the whole thing!

Bad picture from the internet, but there are actually skulls on a sheer material as well as the black netting part

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