Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pick, Pair, Share and Hair Challenge Week 28

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends! Another Wednesday here and another week of Pick, Pair, Share. Have you been participating at all? I hope this has helped you get ready in the morning to come up with some fun creative summer outfits! Here's the prompt in case you missed it.

This week I decided to do create a fun date night outfit using the prompts. Picked the light pink, with a leopard pattern and I'm featuring a skirt. Of course what other skirt would I pick than my tulle skirt? My most favorite date night skirt...maybe ever in the history of the world...

This time I took a rocker ballerina look, is that possible? I'm not sure, but that's how I felt when wearing it, so we'll go with it.

I just love these leopard shoes, they are super comfortable (as comfortable as heels get), and it just adds a little something to the outfit.

I just love how delicate the necklace is with this outfit.

Of course onto the hair, I tried this hair style. It was a box fishtail braid...hard to do on myself, but I think it turned out pretty good. Would love to try it on someone else's hair...any takers?

As far as hair styles goes this week, I was pretty darn lazy I was sick for most of the week, so that makes it hard to want to do anything creative. I did the same half top knot twice and then I did my half braid tucked into the back of my nothing new to report. Darn, maybe I'll get ambitious again this weekend. Anyway, I was channeling my inner ballerina and trying to twirl while smiling and using a remote control to take the pictures...and well they all turned out horrible. Of course I'm sharing the least offensive one with you. P.S. I was not meant to be a ballerina...I have horrible balance.

If you could chose, what prompts would you pick? Use #theblendedblogstyle to show us what you picked!

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