Thursday, July 14, 2016

Picture Perfect Project: July

Hello Foxy Friends! I'm back linking up with  WhitneyCourtneyBeth  and  Elizabeth,  Stephanie  and  Desiree for another month of The Picture Perfect Project. Click here for the previous months. So this month wasn't as successful. Darn. I thought I got a good one, but then when I got home, no pictures had the kids with both of their eyes open at the same time. Darn. Oh well, I still think they are cute...I tried to photomerge and do some photoshop stuff, but I'm not good enough for that. Photoshop kept distorting the picture so Baby Fox kept looking like an alien. Anyway, I'll post what I got anyway...but I'm thinking I might have to find a different photo for the yearly family calendar.

Perhaps I'll use one of these photos...they're fun.

Or scrap everything and do another photo all together. What to do what to do? Thoughts?

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