Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's In My...Junk Drawer

It's the first Tuesday of the month and you know what that means right? Okay you probably don't, it means we're getting nosey and looking into random places. Last month it was What's In My Purse, and this time it What's In My Junk Drawer. Fun right?

Our junk drawer is in our kitchen. It's funny when you move somewhere, you never know what drawer is going to become THAT drawer. For us it's the drawer right next to the dishwasher.

Let's take a peek inside.

Pretty messy right? The drawer could barely close, you know how it is, do the shuffle to get the drawer to close.

Taking it out, it looks MUCH much stuff!

Obviously you can't see everything from this view so let's explode it. BAM - there you go.

Let's look at some of it...there was a throw away camera on it, from 2010...yep 15 pictures were taken...I had asked a while ago to see if it was viable to develop they said no, yet I still kept the's now in the trash.

And can we talk about how many note pads there were? Holy cow, there was 6...those now reside in our kid arts and crafts bin.

The stuffed lion, came on a Dorothy doll my aunt gave to Mini Fox. One side is Dorothy, One side is the Scarecrow and then you flip it over and it becomes he witch on one side and the other side is the tin man, and then the lion was velcroed on there, that thing was going to get lost, so we took it off and put it in the drawer. So there it will stay for now. Where else would I put it?

There was a bunch of random cords in there...I had originally put them back in the drawer and was showing Mr. that I cleaned it up, and then he said you know we don't need any of those cords right? So he took them out and was going to throw them away, but convince him to put it somewhere else...just in case, you know, you just never know.

And the fridge magnet and the coupons from 2013...seriously this was long over due.

The old blue tooth...I don't even think there is a way to charge it, perhaps that is in that baggie, haha. It's in the trash now.

And now the drawer looks so much better. Here's the clean up.

A little less junky, in an ideal world I would have super cool Container Store dividers and such, but I don't, so this will have to do.

Thanks for helping me clean my junk drawer, now I can get it closed.

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