Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sentence A Day: May Edition

1-  Another day, another week, ugh.

2- We got all signed up for Build a Fort, woo hoo, we got in!

3- Boomerang app is awesome, why didn't we discover this sooner?

4- We didn't escape...but had fun trying to!

5- Ballet and Baseball, I am so thankful/lucky that both of these activities happen at the same place and one right after another.

6- Laid back Saturday, just the way I like it.

7-  Dinner followed by a Symphonic Jazz Concert, coolest thing I've heard in a while.

8- This isn't as bad as I thought.

9- I am ready to eat warm food again.

10- I lived to talk about the 3 day cleanse

11- 3 pounds down, woo hoo!

12- Park play date, happy to meet new friends.

13- Last time I get to see the kids play sports this season, glad that their games aren't overlapping again.

14- Lazy day, we needed that.

15- Happily ignoring the fact that I should be packing and picking out outfits.

16- I should pack...

17- Packing, packing, packing, what to pack, what to pack

18- I'm meeting them, I'm meeting them, I'm meeting them!

19- Niagra Falls with new friends, loving every second of it.

20- Love that when you travel with bloggers you tell them to stop and take a picture, 10 people can organize to take the photo in 2.5 seconds.

21- Time went way too fast, sad to say goodbye.

22- Needed this day off

23- Tried a Fitness Marshall Video instead of just watching, man more of workout then I thought.

24- personal ATM (explaination: I needed to go to the bank to grab some cash, but as I was leaving my dad asked to come over to see the kids and I said on your way can you bring me some cash...ask and I shall recieve, not having to leave the house to go into the bank with two kids was awesome)

25- Will I ever get better?

26- Longest drive home...blah.

27- Day out with the kids, exhausting but fun.

28- Cousin Time!

29- Day off  = Lazy Monday = just what the doctor ordered.

30- Finally not sick, work out and 5 less pounds here I come!

31-Working from home is my favorite

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