Wednesday, May 31, 2017

White Pants and Stripe Shirts

Happy Hump Day! I love short weeks, mine is even shorter as I don't have to work on Friday, yay! Today is the last week of the Fashion Files theme, but don't worry The Blended Blog is going to continue the fashion link up each Wednesday, link up what you've been wearing, whether you copied Pinterest or came up with it on your own. I'm also linking up with  Shay, Mel and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.

What I'm wearing:

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I got my new white jeans (similar) and knew that I immediately wanted to start wearing them. They are so comfy, it's unbelievable. Seriously everyone needs a pair. I got them at Nordsrom Rack for half the price, so look there first. Anyway, off to Pinterest I went to find a look I could do with my new white jeans. I found the perfect outfit, I had everything in my closet, what luck!

I didn't have a necklace that quite look like that, but I really love this blue one with the outfit. This was actually going to be an outfit I wore to Toronto, but changed it up, when I realized I have 4 outfits and they were all the same, so I had to switch some colors out.

Jeans (similar) // Shirt (similar) // Jacket (similar here and here) // Shoes (similar here and here) // Necklace (similar here and here)

What we're eating this week:

Yesterday Mr. smoked some brisket and it turned out pretty darn good. Next time we do have some tweeks, but it was really good, and best thing I didn't have to do anything! Mom made the potato salad, I did make angel food cake and a creme brulee, but that was a necessity because the eggs were going to expire...FYI, angel food cake takes 12 egg whites and creme burlee takes 10 egg yolks, so they are a perfect match. Oh wait I did try corn on the cob on the BBQ and it turned out fantastic, I definitely will be making that on repeat this summer.

Mom also brought the watermelon, I think my kids might turn into a watermelon.

What I'm reminiscing about:

Reminiscing about my cousin.  She fought the hard fight, 8 years to be exact. She never gave up, not even in the end she thought she could beat it. She always remained optimistic, even in the bleakest of days and news, she never lost her smile, sense of humor and love for live. She's out of pain, joining our grandparents, aunts and uncles up there in heaven.

So glad that I got to see her one last time in April.

What I'm loving:

The fact that Mini Fox's hair is long enough to put in curlers, my love for sponge curlers as a kid was deep. Now I get to share that love with Mini and I am loving every second of it.

This was taken on the same day, I have no idea why she is wearing two different outfits #threeanger.

What we've been up to:

Hanging out with friends and enjoying the kids being slightly older and not having to get home for nap time. 

What I'm dreading:

Currently nothing, but talk to me come August when my baby starts 1st grade. I feel like that is "real" school, because it's all day and probably has real homework.

What I'm working on:

On Baby Fox's Minion Party. Invitations sent, now to think of decorations and food. I am pretty sure that we are going to order food from here. Other then that I have no idea what else I'm going to do. Off to Pinterest I go!

Haha, he was acting upset because he was in jail, he's such a cutie.

Then this one has to be exactly like big brother, I think she pretty much nailed it.

What I'm excited about:

Lot's of swimming this summer. We signed the kids up for swim lessons, this summer is going to be way better than last summer as Mini Fox is water safe, we think by the end of the summer, we won't have to be in the pool the whole time, more like outside with them, but not necessarily in the water.

What I'm watching/reading:

I'm actually reading a book! I'm reading Before I Fall and am really liking it. I know it was a movie and when I can read a book before watching the movie I do. I think it comes out on video today, but I knew I wasn't going to watch it in the theater, so reading the book I am. I have no idea how it's going to end.


What I'm listening to:

Currently listening to Tyler Ward as I write this.


Before that I was listening to/discovered today Samantha Harvey. Seriously there are so many talented people out there. I am so happy that they have a way to make a living off without having to find someone to sign them.

What I'm looking forward to next month:  

Mini Fox's dance performance, we just picked up her costume on Friday and I can tell you it's is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Need to get some good photos of her in her costume. I'm dying...dying! Her teacher put on some glitter lotion at the end of class on Friday and now she wants some, anyone know where to find that? I tried Target and didn't see anything. Help this Mama out!

Bonus question: What is your favorite Vacation Spot:

My favorite vacation spot is anywhere my family is, but added bonus if someone is bringing me drinks the kids are happy and swimming and we get to lounge around all day and do nothing. Currently that spot is Cabo, only because that is the last place we went we did this at. OH man those tacos were so good at poolside...dreaming of that tonight for sure.

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