Monday, December 4, 2017

Best Stocking Stuffers For The Family

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Today is Day 9 of the 12 days of Blogmas! We're talking about stocking stuffers. I know sometimes it's so hard to find something for everyone, but I'm here to share what you should be getting everyone for their stockings.

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We'll start with the are 5 stocking stuffers for the woman in your life.

1. NailpolishTop CoatNail File - All ladies love some good nail polish. You can't go wrong with Essie and the Seche Vite top that stuff works wonders, makes my home done manicure look like the real deal, plus it's quick drying too!

2. Brush Cleaner - I've always wanted one of these, and at $4.99 it makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.

3. Liquid Brush Cleaner - Clean brushes, nothing is better, I pretty much clean mine after every use...mostly because I only have one set of brushes I like, so if I don't wash them, I don't get a good eye look the next time. But having a brush cleaner is always nice.

4. Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer - My favorite eye primer of all time. End of story.

5. EcoTools Eye Brush Set - I love that this is for eyes only. And you can't beat the price, makes for a great stocking stuffer!

So there you have it 15 ideas for gifts for the beauty lover in your life! Plus most of these things goes over $38 so win in my book, the mirror is $102, but worth every penny. Now to get Mr. to buy it for me for Christmas...Hey Mr. are you listening?

And for the men, gotta put something in there for the men, why are they so hard to shop for?!

1. Mr. loves, I mean LOVES these chocolates. His mom brings them every time she visits, and we pretty much demolish it within a week. So dang good.
2. If anyone you love, loves hot sauce, you have to try this one. Mr. loves it and so do all of the guys at work.

3. Oh my gosh I need these in MY life...while I might not use the profanity cards, the other ones, heck ya!

4. I've never heard of this, but while looking around, how cool is this grilling mat? Something unique and it fits in a stocking, perfect.

5. Nothing says love like a scalp massager right?

Last, but not least, the kids. Cause they need more stuff right? hehe.

1. My kids love paint, and what kid doesn't want to add a little glitter paint to their lives?

2. Everyone loves a good game of Uno...this is the perfect stocking stuffer for your kids, hours of run.

3. How cool is this notepad. I know both of my kids will love this! 

4. I think a slinky is part of being a kid, and then getting it all tangled and trying to get it untagled, it's part of the kid code right?

5. My kids love this game, Right Middle Left, it really doesn't get any easier then this. When Mini Fox was 3 she played and LOVED it, and to tell you the truth it was fun for the adults too. 

Have a teen in your house? Take a look at Phyllis' list for stocking stuffers for teens

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