Friday, December 20, 2019

Shutterfly For The Win Again

Thank You Shutterfly for providing me product. As always all opinions and thoughts are my own

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm finally sharing our Christmas Cards! Each year, Mr. says that taking family photos is my Super Bowl...and he's pretty much right. After we get our pictures back, Mr. and I both sit down and go over the photos, saving the ones we love in a separate folder. I love that Shutterfly has more options that every this year. This is our 8th year buying from Shutterfly and each year just keeps getting better.

On a lot of cards you can choose Christmas or Holiday sentiment. You can choose the trim, and I feel like they keep giving you more options each year. And you can choose the cardstock.

When you load your pictures, you are able to see it in a variety of cards, so you can really get a sense of what it will look like. I think we had no less than 15 options we were looking at. But in the end we found the perfect card to match the style of picture we had.

When we were taking pictures, when I saw this crosswalk I KNEW I wanted this to be the back of our card. The best part is that the back comes with the card, no extra cost. You better believe we take advantage of that option!

Yes people were looking at us, and no I didn't care. It was 8am on a Sunday morning =)

Shutterfly is almost always having a sale as well, so right now is the best time to buy! If you think it's too late for Holiday cards, buy some Happy New Years cards. They have so many options for that.  Trust me, it's never to late to send cards, people love that you are thinking of them enough to send a card. So just do it, it's not too late, trust me!

Happy shopping for your Holiday or New Year cards!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Good White Elephant Gifts From Amazon For Everyone

Hello Foxy Friends! This year we have decided as a family that we're going to do a White Elephant, but instead of the traditional White Elephant, we're going to do a good white elephant, were we give good gifts, ones that we want to steal. Beacause in all honesty, what makes the game fun is when people start stealing things from each other. So here are some ideas I found on Amazon I found that would make good gifts for mixed company.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

For Woman

This blanket scarf is so pretty.

This necklace is really pretty, I have one very similar and wear it all the time.

I love getting people cheese boards, because it's not something you necessarily buy on your own.

I have similar tumblers and they are awesome and keep my wine cool. Plus it comes in so many colors, bound to be something for someone!

For Men

For something under $30 this Whiskey set is pretty awesome.

Who doesn't need a good shaving kit? Also under $30

This is really cool, I think it would be great for a man or woman really.

For Anyone

This bluetooth speaker has almost 45,000 4.5 star reviews, and is under $25, a winner for sure.

Who doesn't need a phone charger? It has 4.5 stars and is only $10.

I could go for a good nail kit...I had one and then piece by piece it gotten

Gag Gifts

I mean this is pretty funny.

haha, this is too strange not to add to the list.

This takes fanny packs to another level.

I like burritos, I can turn myself into a burrito with this also comes in pizza or waffle.

Not sure if you're bathroom people, but this is hilarious...gross but hilarious.

Another potty thing, but sometimes you just need something to do...this is so weird.

There you have it, a ton of ideas for your next White Elephant gift exchange. Now the question is, what should I get, I want to go for something that isn't a gag gig. What would you want to grab at a white elephant?

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sentence A Day: November Edition

Hello Foxy Friends! I actually remembered to write most of my sentences this month. I had to go fill in the last few days, but I did pretty good! As always, here are my sentences this month. Please join us, we post on the first Tuesday of every month. It's such a great way to remember the month!

1 - Day off after Halloween should happen every year, lazy day, working out, getting stuff done around the house, errands and park time with a friend and then watching our friends kids in a flag football game followed by late night dinner with everyone. (I got one picture...ooops!)

Yep we took 4 kinds into Sephora with us.

2 - Soccer games, followed by our cousins 40th birthday party, in which I got no pictures of the birthday boy. (in my defense I was taking pictures with their phone so they could capture all the moments).

3 - We got rid of cable, and I found this service will let you actually watch all of the new Hallmark Christmas movies, you better believe I ordered it for the next 2 months to watch all of the new Christmas movies, so excited to get Hallmark back!

4 - Survived the first day of Mr. being gone, and I watched 2 Hallmark Movies.

5 - Baby Fox had his 2nd class of Cotillion and the ladies behind us and to the side of us would not shut're trying to teach your kids manners, meanwhile they talked THE ENTIRE TIME, RUDE.

6 - Soccer practice for Baby Fox, then off to workout and our weekly Chick-Fil-A run.

7 - Mini Fox soccer and Baby Fox's 2nd class of karate was cancelled, so I took the kids to Cheesecake Factory and Mini Fox felt the need to wear her Christmas dress, I hope she never changes.

8 - Baby Fox had practice from 4:30-5:30 and Mini Fox had a soccer game from 5:30-6:30 and the stars aligned and both kids had them at the same field, also Mr. came home and I let the kids stay up late so they could wait up for him.

9 - Busiest day EVER, Baby Fox went off to place flags on Veterens graves, then we had Mini Fox soccer game, followed by a play for kids, then off to pick up Baby Fox for a soccer game, barely making it in time, then Friendsgiving...phew!

10 - Cousin's 2nd birthday party, good to see all of the cousins and catch up.

11 - No school for the kids, so my dad took them to make PB&J sandwiches at church, they love doing that, Baby Fox got promoted to PJ&J spreader, he's big time now.

12 - Busy day for the kids, school, church and then make up piano lessons...phew!

13 - Mini Fox had her soccer party today, she's going to miss all of her soccer friends, she's considering doing soccer in the Spring.

14 - Normal Thursday with workout and karate.

15 - A hair cut, a charity fundraiser planning meeting and then a charity cycle class to raise money for our cousin.

16 - Busy day, birthday party in the morning, then straight to Baby Fox's playoff game, which they won, then off to LA for some fun time with friends.

17 - Mr. left for the week, last time this year, woo hoo, went to church and then an awesome jazz concert with my aunt and uncle, Mr. was sad to miss it.

18 - Extra soccer practice to get ready for the playoff game on Wednesday, then Panda Express for dinner, yum!

19 -Workout class while the kids are at church, then piano lessons.

20 - Soccer semi-finals...the kids didn't end up winning, but the played their hearts out and played a great game against a great team.

21 - Mr. comes home today, woo hoo!

22 - Went to Mini Fox's thanksgiving performance, so cute! Woops, that was a fail, bought tickets to go see Frozen II...we went, got snacks/food and then realized that the tickets were actually for yesterday! The kids took it like champs, and we got more tickets to see the movie on Monday. (that was more than one sentence)

When we thought we were going to the movies.

But ended up at a friends house so all was good.

23 - Soccer end of the year party and then in-Laws came to town and Baby Fox had a baseball clinic.

24 - Family Thanksgiving, nice to see family and catch up, no pictures, whoops!

25 - Mini Fox got a fun playdate with some friends while Mr. and I worked.

26 - Dentist for both kids...still in the no cavity club.

27 - Ugh, both kids got blood drawn, snuggled on the couch the rest of the day and I got a good workout in before Thanksgiving tomorrow!

28 - I love Thanksgiving and my family, and the rain stopped just for us to get there and back.

29 - Decorated the front door, so that's something...nothing else got done, whoops!

30 - Friendsgiving, love these people.

So join us next month! The first of the year, that's crazy to think about! Time flies when you're having fun. Link up your sentence a day below!

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