Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wedding Video Highlights

Happy Thursday Foxy Friends! Yay for Thursday, tomorrow is Friday and the weekend, so it's practically the weekend already.

Mr. and my wedding anniversary is on Saturday, so I figured I would show you the highlights video that our videographer put together. For those of you engaged I highly recommend having someone, anyone record your wedding. If you can't afford one, just have a friend do it. It is so worth it and now every year on our anniversary we watch our vows and our wedding and we get to relive the whole day over...more than just pictures. As a bride you don't get to see everyone walking down the isle, but with a videographer you get to see everything. The day is such a blur that it's nice to relive it with more than just pictures.

I can't even believe that we've been married for 11 years, the time has flown by so fast, and I wouldn't want to share this with anyone else. Good thing, since it seems like I'm stuck with him :)

Happy, almost 11 year anniversary Mr.!
Tell me in the comments below how long you've been married or been with your significant other!
P.S. funny enough, I'm going to a wedding shower on Saturday...such a great way to celebrate our anniversary, although we won't be together...haha. We'll at least get the evening together.
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Style Perspectives: Bright Pants and Hair Challenge Week 13

Hello Foxy Fashion Friends! Another week with the Style Perspective with The Blended Blog. Today Shaunacey from Simply Shanacey is talking about her signature look of bright pants, go check out her post here.
When I first met Shaunacey back in our Style challenges she had these pair of red pants that I coveted. Every time she wore them I wanted a pair and then I spent the next 1.5 years trying to find a pair that was red and that was like hers...and I FINALLY found it...these are the exact pair. Worth the price, super comfortable and it comes in 12 colors! I might have to pick up another pair.

This was the very first thing I ever bought at a consignment shop. Mr. and I were in Santa Barbara on a weekend getaway and found it.

I just love the cute detailing on the sleeves.

Of course I tried something new with my hair. I did the triple French braid again, but instead of putting it up in a bun I did extra braids and then braided all of it together. If I were to do it again I would make the French braids go a little further back on my head so when I braided all of the braids together there aren't the large gaps between everything.

In case you missed it, last week all the ladies styled Abbie's choice of Patterned Shirt and Neutral! What I learned last week is I need some patterned shirts, mine was definitely the most tame of them all. Which one is your favorite?

Now onto the hair challenge, week 13! Holy cow the time is flying by and I almost feel like I am getting better at it.

Last Wednesday I tried this twist to a fish tail.

It's sort of hard to see it in this picture. I couldn't get a clear picture for whatever reason...

Thursday I used the same curls from the day before and did a simple twist.

Friday I want to the kids museum with a friend and wanted to try a new hair style out. Mr. woke up early so I figured I would do my hair. I did a did a stacked fish tail with a Dutch French braid. I think I need more hair to do this, but I think it turned out pretty good.

Saturday was a lazy day and I didn't even get dressed till I had to go to dinner at a friends, so I threw my hair up in this simple pony tail twist.

Sunday I did the coolest hair style ever. My mom said it was her favorite hair that I've done so far.

I'm going to go ahead and give Mr. partial credit for this one. He helped me do the loop part. I couldn't get the rubber band in the right spot to do the loop, so he put it in the spot that I needed it to be, I told him I was going to give him credit. It wouldn't have looked nearly as good without him.

Next time I think I'll take more hair from the sides so that there isn't that straight part there.
Confession, I knew I was going to workout on Monday so I didn't want to wash my hair, so it was super dirty with how much hair spray I used from the style above...don't worry I was clean, I took a body shower....that was probably TMI...oh well.
That's it for this week. Not sure if I'm going to be able to do as many this coming week, but I'll certainly try! Join us next week for Style Perspectives, the theme is: A Spring Sweater Jeans and Flats

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Weekend Recap

Hello Foxy Friends!

I'm somewhat rested, if you count 4.5 hours of sleep rested, oops! That Sons of Anarchy! Gets me every time. We had the season finale of Season 2, so we HAD to watch it last night, right?

Our weekend was fantastic. I would almost say the perfect weekend. Friday I met up with a good friend from college that recently moved to Northern California from least we're in the same state now. Anyway we met up at the Discovery Cube in Anaheim, now that they've expanded it, super fun! Definitely be going back!

We might have another climber on our hands, only 2.5 more years till she can go on the rock wall at the gym to find out.

Baby Fox decided to go to school instead of coming with don't think I'm ignoring him.

They have this cool outdoor area where you have a map with pictures of things that the wand can open and close.

Lots of hands on things inside, like Legos, blocks, wind tunnel stuff, really great learning place for the kids.

We're inside the cube!

This girl would not take a normal I joined in on the craziness.

Even the food was cute..piano sandwich.

Butterfly grilled cheese
Baby Fox saw Mini Fox sucking her thumb, and he told her that that was the wrong finger to suck that it was those two fingers, so she's been doing whenever she doesn't have her pacifier and wants it.

This one was cool, you got to "skate" on this and how fast you slide your feet was how fast the guy moved...clearing Mini Fox didn't get it.

Teaching kids about the pully's how it helps with weight distribution. I got a good workout.

Last selfie before we left, Mini Fox wasn't feeling it.

Friday night we met up with some friends, I've know her since 7th grade. So happy that we live close enough to have dinner on a Friday night. The kids get along so great too.

Saturday I took Baby Fox rock climbing again but this time we met up with a friend and his kid, that kid loves it up there. (The green thing hanging from him is how I get him back down, since he doesn't weigh enough to get down on his own...well he can but it would probably take 10 minutes, he travels a half an inch a second.
Baby Fox then did a first, he went home with our friends to play. I didn't even have to drive him, they had an extra car seat in the car...and he had a blast. We then went do diner at their house, so we could hang out and pick up Baby Fox. They are all getting so big.
Sunday was Easter of course and we told the kids that the Easter Bunny didn't come till he knew you were in church celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus...Plus church started at 10 (we had to leave by 9:30) and they wake up around 8:30, wasn't going to be able to do everything even if we wanted to. Waiting for church to start, Mr. had to sit this one out because of his back. Boo.
This girl was a Papa's girl the whole stinkin' cute.
Such a perfect day for Easter.

Just the girls.

Then we headed back to our place to get their Easter baskets and hunt for eggs. I won't bore you with all the photos...but Baby Fox thought the Darth Vader Easter egg was pretty awesome.

After a short nap we headed over to my Aunt's house. Where the kids got ANOTHER Easter egg hunt, talk about spoiled!

Oh and guess what? I think I finally feel like an adult... I bought us a really nice cheese board and cheese knives...I feel like I can officially host a fancy dinner party. Cause a dinner party without a fancy cheese board is no party at all right?

I hope you all had a great Easter! Come back tomorrow for Style Perspectives, we're all styling bright pants! Join in on the fun and link up with us, or #theblendedblogstyle on social media!

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