Monday, October 31, 2016

Past Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween! I'm so excited for tonight, taking off work early and going to go to our friends house for some Halloween fun, 6 years and counting! I thought, since I don't have any pictures from today yet...I would show you past Halloween Costumes.


My mom showed me on the first one, and then I made the other two. For a first time costume sewer I think I did okay.


I worked during Baby Fox's naps and on weekends, 1.5 months later I got this:

I think I have a pretty fantastic husband willing to dress up as a bear for me.


We found this cute Dragon Costume at Old Navy so we went as a dragon, a knight in shining armor and a princess.


Again Old Navy for the win, we found the zebra costume and Baby Fox pretty much fell in love with it the minute he saw it. So we went with it. Mini Fox was only 7 weeks old and Old Navy had a cute little Monkey jacket, so we bought that and Mr. took one for the team and wore the bear costume again! I decided to go as a Park Ranger trying to tame her animals....hey that's the shirt I never thought I would wear again....


We let Baby Fox lead the way and he wanted to be Spiderman, so we went with it, and made Mini Fox Wonder Woman and Mr. and I were the bad guys. I actually tailored my own costume. I had to buy a men's one size fits all, and Mr. and I wanted the same stripes, so I seamed ripped the sleeves off, cut down the shoulder size and then sewed the sleeves back on. I was pretty proud of myself.


Baby Fox wanted to be Batman, so we convinced Mini Fox that she wanted to be Bat Girl...power of suggestion's amazing what you can get accomplished. Then Mr. was The Joker and I was Robin...and can I just say that I was 5 days post ankle surgery and hurting, yep I walked around on crutches and joked around with everyone that Batman got to me. I strategically hide behind Baby Fox so you couldn't see my hurt foot.

Can't see my foot, but you can see the crutches, by the end of the night I was I rode in the kids wagon...good thing I'm short and could sort of


Of course we haven't worn our costumes yet, but here's a sneak peak.

Epic fights happened in our kitchen this weekend, can only imagine what's going to happen tonight, as the other two familes we're going Trick Or Treating with will be in Star Wars costumes as well, so excited to get a group picture.

Do you do family theme? Or what are you guys going to be for Halloween?

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites #93

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! It felt like the longest week ever, we've been trying to get a ton of work done before my trip next week, yikes! At least it's Friday and we have a fun weekend planned with friends.

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: October Stitch Fix Review
Tuesday: What's Up Tuesday
Wednesday: Fall Staples - Scarves
Thursday: How I Do My Make Up (see video at end of post)

This girl got her first hair cut this past weekend, she was so excited and her hair is super cute and all even now. I love it.


Sunday we all went to Yogurtland for a little treat, I pretty much adore this picture we took.

We were waiting for my parents and sister so I snapped some pictures of the kids...nope they're not used to me in their face with a camera at all all!

This girl loves her some costumes...every movie she watches she has to change into that costume, it's the cutest thing...

We should have been watching Wizard of Oz, but she just wanted to wear the witch costume. I did however start from the very beginning that she wasn't allowed to wear these costumes outside of the house, so we haven't had any fights...yet at least...yesterday she said, well we're at home so I can wear my princess dress...phew bullet dodged, glad we started that out from the get go!

I know it's like beating a dead horse, but I just can't help it, I'm so giddy that they came out with a bit more of what we can expect for the 4 Gilmore Girls episodes we're going to see...

In case you missed it, I made a video on how I do my make up. I'm thinking I'm going to try a painting your nails hack next using Elmore's Glue...see if it actually works.

Doing anything fun this weekend? Happy weekend before Halloween! Come back on Monday to see our past family Halloween costumes! You'll have to wait till next Friday to see what we all were, or follow me on IG to find out earlier!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

How I Do My Make-Up

Hello Foxy Friends. I finally got a video up that I'm so excited about, how I do my everyday make up. Well not everyday since I don't really wear make up to work, because who wants to wake up 15 minutes earlier when you're already waking up at 4:30am? Not this girl, so natural me is what you get. No one has time for that. Anyway, here are my basic steps for my make up. 

Some of the links are affiliate links  and I will  either receive a small commission if you click on it or if you make a purchase from on of these links, I may receive a commission on the sale of the product. By purchasing through Foxy's Domestic Side, you're helping me to continue creating fun things for this space.

I start with a Burt's Bees BB Cream, for fancier functions I use the Make Up For Ever foundation, rubbing it all over. I feel like this really evens out my skin tone. I then follow up with some Marc Jacobs Concealer and Make Up Forever Powder.

Next comes eyeshadow, I've been loving the Chocolate Palette by Too Faced.

Next up is eyeliner, I mix two, I first get a base with my Urban Decay Glide On Pencil, and then I use Stila All Day Liquid Liner to get my cat eye.

Next up is the fake eyelashes, For the glue I use Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive  and I like using Ardell 120 eyelashes for an everyday look. For a more dramatic look, or going out with friends or on a date I like using  Handmade 3D luxurious 100% Real Mink Natural Long Cross ($8.89 for 2 pairs).

Moving on to lips, I am using ColourPop. Jury is still out if I like it or not. Will keep you posted.

I do like the color though, really pretty and it goes on super smooth.

I usually wait to curl my lashes so the glue doesn't get stuck to the eyelash curler. My favorite curler for my shaped eye is Shiseido. Trust me it took a while to learn what works best for me, lots of failed tries and going out of the house with funky looking eyelashes.

And now I'm done! Hope you enjoyed it, want to see anything else? Let me know in the comments!

And here's the video that I put together. Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Staple - Scarves

Happy Hump Day Foxy Fashion Friends! Today is the last week of The Blended Blog October Style Series.

I just love scarves, they instantly spruce up an outfit and the best part no more jewelry is needed.

You guys I think I am one braided crown away from mastering the braided crown. I finally got the other side, I was good until I got to the opposite side and going back up my head...I always got confused which piece needed to do had to be documented, so I took a picture. These were taken just after getting home from work, so 13 hours later and still looking good.

Some other scarves that I'm eying for the Fall and winter months. I love multi color scarves because it can go with so many outfits with a ton of different colors for completely different looks.

*Some of the links are affiliate links  and I will  either receive a small commission if you click on it or if you make a purchase from on of these links, I may receive a commission on the sale of the product. By purchasing through Foxy's Domestic Side, you're helping me to continue creating fun things for this space.
 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

And now onto the silly part of the program...I decided randomly to try a stop motion video...not sure why, it's less than 5 seconds, the last part got cut off when uploading to Vimeo, but you get the idea. Now to think of something fun and then a thousand pictures...for 30 seconds of video.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday....Tuesday

It's the last Wednesday...err..Tuesday of the month which means I'm linking up with Shay, Mel and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week: I finally decided to give Blue Apron a chance. We had Spicy Spaghetti and Shrimp Marinara on Sunday, it was pretty good, but the shrimp wasn't that that wasn't great. Full review coming after we make the second dish.

picture here

Also still on our simple lunches...we started marinating the chicken beforehand...yum! Lunches just got stepped up a notch!

Picture here

What I'm reminiscing about:

We went to the pumpkin patch last weekend and wahhh...I can't believe how old the kids are getting!

What I'm loving:

The fall weather, seriously, last week 90°+ then Sunday hit and it rained/drizzled all day, it was fabulous being inside with the door open listening to the rain. 

What we've been up to:

Hanging out with friends, getting ready for Halloween! Who's excited? There is rain in the forcast... I just hope it doesn't rain too hard...fingers crossed!

What I'm dreading:

My business trip next week, ugh! Lot's of meetings, lots of talking, presentations, being in the hot seat...hopefully the hotel is better than the last one...where there were ants crawling all over the place.

What I'm working on:

Hmm...what am I working on...oh a youtube video of how I do my make up. I recorded it and now I just need to edit it...I can do it!  Not that you really care, but it's going out there anyway.

What I'm excited about:

Our first legit vacation next month! We're going to be gone for 6 days, with the kids, and it's going to be so fun. We're going with this family and we're going to have a blast!

What I'm watching/reading:

Reading...unfortunately nothing. I did start reading a book, then realized 4 chapters in...I've read this already! Oops. Anyone else do that?

Of course watching what seems the rest of the world is watching...

We've been watching Timeless lately, and have been loving it. It's unique and we're really wondering how they're going to sustain the pace that they are going at.

Also catching up on Once Upon a Time...I had last years whole season on the DVR and I'm finally on last years season finale so I can start watching this season. Last year I was sort of over it, and wasn't liking the story line but gave it another chance after a 8 month break and now I'm back on the train!

What I'm listening to:

I just love them, this song gave me chills.

and this song on repeat...

What I'm wearing:

Wanting to wear everything Fall, but last week it was 95°...but according to the weather channel, cooler weather is on the horizon...I can't wait to start wearing this pink coat.


What I'm doing this weekend:

NOTHING is on the books, woo hoo! Lots of relaxing and doing nothing and seeing what happens.

What I'm looking forward to next month:

GILMORE GIRLS...enough said.

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