Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reagan Library Recap - Finally

Okay so this recap is a long time coming, but better late then never right?

We decided that since it was Nana's birthday and Curtis and I have been together for almost 10 years and we've never been that it was a good day to visit the Ronald Reagan Library. We thought Colton would love Air Force One and maybe the Walt Disney Exhibit. (FYI, my parents live right next door to the Regan Library, like we can see the drive going up to the library from their house kind of close, let me tell you when they had his funeral my parents watch the fighter jets fly right over their house, they said it was the most amazing thing ever)

First stop was Air Force One of course

We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside, but we took one standing under the plane.

Colton is checking out the wheels.

Then we headed to the helicpoter, I'm pretty sure they frown on touching the helicopter...we're rebels like that, okay my dad's a rebel like that, I walked away pretending I don't know them, saying "who let's their kid touch that?!"

Reagan's motorcade limo...look how old that thing is!

He loved Jelly Beans, so Jelly Bean made a portrait of him using 10,000 Jelly Beans...

We had to walk through an exhibit to get to the Disney one, we found this guy. He looks like a natural doesn't he?

The Disney exhibit was really cool and gave some really cool facts, all of which we had to wiz past because of a certain 2 year old who we were with was constantly saying "boring!" Okay Colton, point taken.

Berlin Wall, crazy that the West side is full of flowers and pictures and the East side of the wall is absolutely blank.

A moment of silence for a great President.

By the time we were done, we were all starving so we hit up In and Out. It was a great afternoon and after we got home I think everyone in the house took a nap.

So if you're ever in the area, I would highly suggest it. They have memoriblia in the museum part (where we didn't get to go) from when he was an actor and things that he got from other leaders around the world. Really cool and the grounds and views are absolutely gorgeous!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

So I've been taking a little blogging break, since the last time I posted was last Monday. I just felt like I needed a little break, and I'm feeling well rested and much better. So hopefully you'll get more then 1 post this week!

So let's get started. The biggest thing that happened this weekend?! My parents decided to move closer to us! They came down to visit to look at the apartment they're going to rent one last time and they decided to take the plunge! We're so excited to have them closer to us. I think Baby Fox is the most excited because he'll be getting more of these:

Yep that's his own little personal ice cream. We don't typically give him ice cream, only when my parents are around or when we're visiting people that have ice cream. We want it to be a special treat, and not an everyday occurrence.

Saturday morning I asked Baby Fox what he wanted for breakfast and he said pancakes. Who am I to deny the request? Especially this is practically the only true carb he'll eat. Grandpa AKA "ampa" makes the best pancakes (he used to do the pancake breakfast at church), so I asked my dad to make pancakes. He happily agreed. Baby Fox wanted to watch.

Ampa and Nana left around nap time and when Baby Fox woke up we decided to just get our weekend shopping out of the way. Went to Costco, and the grocery store. While there I decided that I wanted baked potato bar for dinner...we've never done it before, just made that our meal, but it was such a good idea, and this will definitely be part of the rotation!

This is how I made the baked potato.

Wash potato, poke holes and put in microwave for 6 minutes, flip and cook until done. For our it took another 10 minutes or so. Once cooked completely, I put canola oil, garlic powder and kosher salt and put in the toaster oven at 425°F, I put them in there probably for 20-30 minutes. There isn't really a time limit, just until your desired crispy'ness. I did flip them about 10-15 minutes later.

Mr. wanted cheese, but was too lazy to get out the shredder, so he ended up cutting it up and then put his whole potato in the microwave to melt the cheese.
 Finish product. Mr.'s looks better with all that cheesy/buttery goodness. Since I'm allergic to dairy, I went without the butter and cheese, but the yummy skin makes it just as good (at least in my head).

Sunday was another swim lesson.

We ran into my good friend from junior high. Actually I made our swim lesson for the same time so we would run into them :)

Swim Baby Fox swim!

This past swim lesson, Baby Fox has really been holding his breathe really well. He decided it was funny, when we did under water, to just lay there in a dead man's pose. Like face down, legs and arms dangling...he thought it was hilarious! Silly kid. At one point Mr. and Baby Fox were just fooling around, and I had to walk to the other side of the pool to tell them to pay attention and that they were missing the instructions. Gotta love my boys!

Sunday night was relaxing, watching movies and hanging out.

You know cause everyone "cheers" with their pizza slices

Fun, short weekend. Thankfully this week is my Friday off, so I get an extra day with Baby Fox, woo hoo! Here's to hoping this week goes by fast!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had Friday off, so I got to spend the day with Baby Fox. This is his bed head and him asking for some juice. He gets prune juice every morning to help keep things flowing, he prefers it warm.

Friday night he went swimming with Daddy, he starts to get out of the spa and Daddy says, where are you going? He says, nowhere. Then comes to the sliding glass door and starts knocking for me to come to the door. I open the door and say whatcha doing? He says, All done. I look at Mr. and he says, he said he wasn't doing anything, apparently he's done swimming

Saturday was pretty low key. Baby Fox and I went shopping to get a few things and I took him on the merry go round for being so good.

Then after we got back from shopping we had lunch and headed to a triple birthday party. Yep that's friend just had a baby 2 weeks ago, so it was a meet the baby/her birthday/her other son's birthday party. They had a bounce house and Baby Fox finally went in and actually had fun and didn't cry.

Sunday we hung out with some friends, please excuse the greasy, messy thing I call my hair. For the life of me I couldn't get both kids in the same picture, go figure with 2 two year olds.

After naptime Baby Fox and Mr. headed into the spa again. Baby Fox decided his trucks needed to go swimming with him. 

 What better way to end the weekend with some pj's and Lady and the Tramp. We bought it while at the mall, and he LOVES it. He pretty much sat like this until we told him it was time for bed.

It was a great weekend with family and friends. Just what I needed to recharge my battery to start this week.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

While my husband and I don't normally go all out for V-day we do recognize the day. Mostly he gets me something and I gladly accept it :) This year we're keeping it SUPER low key, usually I make a nice dinner, but I don't even think that is going to happen this year. Perhaps I'll do something this weekend. It's just hard to come home after working for 12 hours and then making a nice dinner, Mr. is okay with that, phew. I thought I would share what Mr. did for me last year.

I have to start off by saying, as you might know, I have a TON of food allergies. One of them is almost all chocolate, because most chocolate has soy lecithin in it, and I can't have soy. But there is one chocolate at Trader Joe's that I can eat. So he decided to make me chocolate covered strawberries. For real people, coming from a man who can barely boil water, this was HUGE. And what's even better? He knew I would want picture of the process, so he took pictures of everything for me! He got up before he had to leave work to do this too.

He looked up how to make a homemade double boiler..

Boil water, set bowl on top of boiling water. I can only imagine how hot that metal bowl got.

All the melted chocolate - seriously how awesome is my husband to take pictures for me?

Arranged on the plate

 Here's the "extras" that didn't fit on the plate, he said he had some left over chocolate and wanted to use it, so he put them on potato chips. It wasn't the best, but not the worst thing either.

 All wrapped up (I did take this picture after we opened our cards, but before I opened the strawberries.

 He got home before me, so it could be out on the counter waiting for me when I got home. I was surprised to see him home before me, since that NEVER happens.

Proud of his surprise to me.
 I didn't even have a chance to take off my jacket before he sprung the surprise on me!

And I think this is one of my top Valentine Day surprises. The other one? That time when Mr. tied balloons to Baby Fox's wrist. I thought Mr. forgot about V-day, since I didn't see anything when I woke up (was still on maternity leave), but nope, he wanted to surprise me later in the day. He knows how much more I love balloons over flowers.

And the best part? We found out Baby Fox LOVES balloons and stared at them for a good 30 minutes, win win for everyone.

Now go out and enjoy your loved ones and tell them just how special they are.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Wednesday

Okay, so I don't have an outfit post today. I have been uninspired lately. I wore this outfit yesterday that could have been something, but it really needed a scarf, so it didn't get photographed. So we'll just skip to the random things I've been thinking:

I finally got my wedding ring professionally cleaned after 3 years of not doing so. Life just seemed to get in the way, I know bad excuse, but the other day Mr. and I found ourselves without the baby and slightly early to something, so we ran over to the jewelers to get my ring cleaned and boy does it sparkle now! Wish I had a picture I could share!

Random fact about me: I have gotten my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks for the past 10 years, with the same lady for the past 8. I know, right, I try not to think about how much money I spend on them. I have these weird eyebrows that if you pluck 1 wrong hair, they look funky...I'd rather spend the money every 3 weeks then look funky. Every once in a while I will go 4 weeks, and I look like bush woman...seriously, you need a weed whacker.  No joke!

Baby Fox has started to actually eat more than just pureed food, can I get an Amen?! Which reminds me of how far we've really come. This is his first time trying carrots. He's almost 7 months old here.

This picture makes me giggle EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. How can you not?

Tonight we're off to get some ashes, hopefully Baby Fox doesn't cause a ruckus in church.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I've had no motivation to take pictures...I don't know why. Maybe I'm just trying to enjoy the moment instead of constantly trying to capture it? In any case, this weekend recap is going to lack pictures. I know I can't even believe that just came out of my mouth!

So here it goes, this weekend my parents came down to go to a baby shower/Valentine's day party with us. Well actually they went to the baby shower portion and then took Baby Fox home so Mr. and I could enjoy the rest of the party without Baby Fox.

We're celebrating for the girl on the far right, I know it's confusing with so many pregnant people in the picture, there must be something in the water!

Sunday we went to swim lessons for Baby Fox, he's such a little fishy, the teacher actually told us he could go to the next level, but I think we'll keep him where we are for now. He was actually doing a few strokes by himself, it was crazy to watch!

The reason the picture is hazy, it's an indoor pool and my lens kept fogging up.

1, 2, 3 jump! Or in our case, fall, haha

1,2,3 under

 Some back floats anyone?

I think most of the class when the teacher wasn't paying attention, Baby Fox and Mr. were just goofing off, perhaps practicing Baby Fox's future in the circus?

Sunday night we went to a friends to celebrate her birthday/Chinese new year (although we don't celebrate). They had so much food, ribs, chicken, homemade pizza, lasagna, veggies, salads...and the list keeps going. All courtesy of my friends husband...he just got a smoker and feels the need to smoke everything. It was fantastic! Too bad I forgot my camera in the swim bag...doh!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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