Friday, April 26, 2019

Weekly Favorites #12

Happy Friday all!  We made it! Woo hoo, we have a bunch of family coming into town this weekend for Baby Fox's First Holy Communion, he's so excited and so are we. Trying to get ready for it this week. I ordered a cake...I should probably order some food too...gotta get on that. Anyway, onto my Friday Favorites:

Let's see, I already recapped part of our Spring Break here. Friday was a pretty low key day and I took no pictures. Hmmm...what did we do? Saturday we decided to get out of the house and go to the movies, we saw Dumbo. There have been mixed reviews on it, but the kids and I really liked it, Mr. thought it was okay...took this after the credits started and the kids were too busy watching the previews.

We have this tradition where we leave our Easter Baskets outside for the Easter bunny. Baby Fox thought it was creepy that a giant bunny would come into our house to leave gifts in a basket, so we put it outside. He does not feel the same about Santa, strange. Mostly I think he does the Easter Bunny get in? Santa comes in through the chimney, does he come through the front door? When we said yes, he said he didn't like it and wanted to just leave it outside. haha.

Also the Easter bunny knows when you go to church and only comes after church...

She has been asking for a mermaid fin for FOREVER, she was so excited to get this in her basket.

His string Bay Blade that he wanted.

This was colored hair on a rubber band, she saw it at CVS and really wanted it.

Then the hunting began.

Then we took some family pictures.

Dad didn't come to watch the kids to hunt eggs, so just Mom and the kids.

I had made some homemade bread to share at Easter Dinner, it was yummy.

Off to LA to my Aunt and Uncles house, where she had an Easter egg hunt for the kids and lots of yummy food, which I forgot to take pictures of.

Some random things we've been doing lately that I didn't recap. Mr. left for a business trip a couple of weeks ago so I needed to fill the time.

Sunday we went to the movies, we saw How To Train Your Dragon, so cute. They sell food at the movie theaters so I got the kids some lunch there...Mom of the Year right there, haha. Waiting for our food.

 I promised the kids rock climbing, and Corner Bakery. At our gym you can't rock climb until you are 5, and Mini Fox has been 5 for almost 7.5 months and we haven't been yet. So off we went. She did great!

Baby Fox did great too, we need to do this more often.

This is hands down Mini Fox's favorite place to eat and she's been doing the bunny ears for a while's so cute, every picture.

Thursday Baby Fox had a baseball game, these two besties drew for a bunch of the time.

Then we were able to facetime Mr. so he could watch Baby Fox up at bat. Technology is great.

And then that leads us into our Palm Spring Spring Break, you are now officially caught up with our lives, if you've made it this far, thanks for joining us in this journey.

OH my gosh, this was the sweetest proposal EVER! I don't even know them and I had tears in my eyes. How does one go about getting on Ellen to propose?

Didn't blog that much this week, I had the intentions to, but life. Tuesday I recapped our Spring Break to Palm Springs, so much fun!

Wednesday I talked about the most comfortable romper ever! I also shared some other rompers that are must have for Summer!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Best Summer Romper

Hi Foxy Friends! I'm back again today with the most comfortable romper! Unfortunately it's not on the website any more, but there are many other options that are just as comfortable. I get it from a local mom who sells only online. I've been to her house and tried them all on, and they are all soft! Go check out her website.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

Romper (sold out but I got it from this small mom owned shop) / Sandals (similar)

How cute is this back? In case you were wondering I'm wearing this sticky bra.

Can we talk about this lipstick for a bit? Usually I wear lipsense, but decided to take a chance on this and it does not disappoint. It's an awesome lipstick and I highly recommend, it really is long lasting. I put some on before church, 9:30am and when I got home from Easter dinner, I still had some on, and I was not being careful about how I was eating. So pretty good lipstick in my opinion.

Primer / Foundation / Blemish Concealer / Concealer (cause one can never have too much) / Lashes / Eyebrow TintBlush / Bronzer / Eyeshadow  / Lip Color (in Ravenswood)

Here are some other rompers that I'm loving lately, all of them come in several colors too.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

So what are you loving for summer?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spring Break: Palm Spring Style

Hello Foxy Friends! Long time to talk right? Although you probably didn't notice. I had all the intentions to blog last week, but then I got sick and was on vacation and motivation went out the window. Good news is, we got lots of family time, and it felt great to put it all away and not think about work or blogging. But I'm least for today, we'll see how I feel about tomorrow, haha. Anyway, my kids had Spring Break last week and we headed to Palm Springs. We had a blast! We went with two of my cousins and their families and my aunt. It's the first time we've all gone away together and I think it worked out pretty great. We stayed at the Omni Resort, pretty much perfect for families. We pretty much spent all day at the pool, and ate all the things.

We got there about 3ish, and headed straight for the pool, no pictures of the kids.

For dinner we ended up getting take out at Sherman's Deli and Bakery (a Diners, Drive-In, and Dive place), highly recommend, really good.

The next day we had a lazy morning and then headed straight for the pool. We decided since there were so many of us that we would rent a cabana.

It was great, the weather was perfect. Then we headed to Yard House for dinner. What's great about this hotel is that there is a mall across the street that had a ton of places to eat, so we never had to go very far.

Tuesday was the coolest of the days at 75, so our family decided to head to the Living Desert, while everyone else hit up the pool. We ended up meeting some friends that happen to be there as well. It was a blast!

Kids even rode on a camel. I don't have a ton of pictures of them on the camel, but I did however make sure to get the kids saying Happy Birthday to my dad from the camel...he loved it, something that you don't get very often.

After we got back we headed to the pool to meet up with the family and then we headed out to dinner to celebrate one of them turning 10!

Darn we should have taken a group photo...oh well, next time!

The kids had to share a lounge chairs, and these two were the cutest.

Best buds, they are 9 months apart. Funny enough, the one that isn't Baby Fox is actually the same size if not bigger than Baby Fox...just doesn't seem like it in this photo.

They are so cute, not the best picture, sorry kids.

They also had some cool water slides, the kids loved it.

We even got in a quick family photo shoot, before we lost the light on the last day.

Thursday we hung out by the pool with one of our cousins for a while, then headed over to some other cousins who happen to own a place out here and were there. So we went over to see their place, since we hadn't seen it before, plus go swimming. It was about 100°, it was hot!

Best way to get all of the pool toys out of the pool? Make it a race to see who can get the most and then take a picture with the stuff they got.

Dinner on the golf course.

This guy, baby hog, if you ever need someone to hold your baby and stop crying and/or go to sleep, have this guy come over, baby whisperer.

And that is a wrap to our Palm Springs portion of our Spring Break.