Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Last night Baby Fox told his first straight up lie. Like the kind where he looked me in the eye and just lied to me. I believed him, he's never lied before so I had no reason not to believe him. Until later in the night when I caught him in the lie.

We were getting ready for bed and I asked him if had brushed his teeth, he said yes...I gave him the side eye and he even went as far as to do the breath check. I said I don't know...he said, I did. I said okay. Then about 15 minutes later when bed time was fast approaching, he yells out, I have to brush my teeth. Caught! I said you said you and Daddy already brushed your teeth, he said he didn't. I looked at Mr., he said he didn't. I was disappointed. I was crushed that somehow my kid learned how to lie. Is this preschool? Do the other kids in preschool do this? We sat down, I looked him in the eye, told him what lying is and why it is wrong. I'm not sure it sunk it. I hope something sunk in. I don't want to always be second guessing his answers.

Where did my little boy go and when did he learn how to lie? Mr. says it's part of growing up, and that kids lie and not to worry about it too much...

What is your experience with your kids? Any advice?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friends Weekend and No Birthday Parties!

Friday, while Baby Fox was at preschool, I met up with this lady and her kids. It's her birthday, so we celebrated by taking the kids out. haha.

 And suddenly she was big enough to go on this by herself.

 I have big news...this guy FINALLY ate his lunch at preschool! Did I tell you guys, he's been going to preschool for 3 weeks now and he's NEVER eaten lunch there. One of the kid's Dad is in my vanpool (how he found out about the preschool was through me), anyway, he tells me that his son gives them a status on what Baby Fox ate that day. Friday I go to pick him up and all the kids are telling me that Baby Fox ate lunch! Baby Fox was so proud of himself, so we celebrated with ice cream.

I went in to get Mini Fox up on Saturday, and found her like this, pacifier hoarder much? (you can't see but she has one in her hand too)

My passenger sun visor broke.  A year or so ago, my driver side visor broke and they had an extended warrenty on them (turns out it's just for 2007 - present visors). I figured they replaced both, nope. So I had to bring it in again...

The kids were really patient waiting.

We were in a long line

 and I was so excited when we finally saw this. It took us 40 minutes to just check the car in...annoying.

After we got back, we put Mini Fox down for a nap and I got ready for some old high school friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER (some 3 years, others 6 or so years?)

Everyone gets a fake tattoo at our house

This was their third try, they can't seem to get the whole fake tattoo thing right.

You know it's a good party, when your guests stay for two meals...we're ordering take out because we had no more food, haha!

The kids playing while they wait for food (except Mini Fox, she got to eat)

Wish I remembered to load the picture of all of us, but I forgot...darn! Bad blogger for not double checking.

But I do have one of all the kids, so at least that's something.

Someone is holding up a fireman helmet, that's what they are all looking at
Sunday we headed out to my college for Alumni BBQ.

They had stuff for the kids to do, Baby Fox wanted to do this several times, but the line was ridiculously long, they were only letting one kid go at a time and they had no time limit...annoying.

This is what happens when you try to take a selfie with your kid who doesn't want their picture taken.

Finally! He really wanted this and said he would definitely wear it...how could we say no to this cute face?

 Before I left for the BBQ I threw this recipe in the crockpot. I found it last week, and while I was at Costco I decided to buy some meat and make a nice Sunday dinner. I didn't follow it exactly, I used this gravy with the juices, inctead of what the recipe called for. Baby Fox had been asking for mashed potatoes for a week now, and of course gravy goes with mashed potato.

Great way to end a weekend! I love big comfort meals on Sunday. In case you were wondering, we decided that while we like this pot roast recipe, we like Trisha Yearwood's recipe the best. Although this one was really good becasue were gone all day, and it was really nice to come home to a nice meal (granted I was still in the kitchen for an hour prepping everything else...go figure)

How was your weekend? Tell me something interesting you did!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I'm not working today, yay! Love my off Fridays, does that count as a Friday Favorite?

Anyway, here's my Favorites for this week:


Do you guys know Alison? If you don't head on over to her blog, she's awesome, and has helped this girl become more stylish, here are the challenges I've done previously: Spring Challenge and Summer Challenge, it is the most fun. They have a private Facebook group so you can post outfits and all of the ladies are so so nice, I love the FB group the most!

Alison just opened registration* for the Fall Challenge. Who doesn't love fall things, above is an example of one of the days. How cute is that outfit? She finds things at affordable places, like Target and Ann Taylor Loft, so you don't have to break the bank. I know a lot of ladies who just shop their own closet and have found things that they've bought but never worn, and finally have a chance to wear them. Go check it out*, join us and let's start sharing outfits! I've already joined, click here* if you want to join me and the other ladies!

*this is an affiliated link and I will get referral money


My favorite Vinegar EVER! Olive 41 has at least 100 different olive oils and vinegars to chose from. It's the BEST gift for the cook in your life. It's always our go to, for our friends and family who love cooking or just like a good olive oil and vinegar.

This is the 18 year aged balsamic vinegar. Once you have this, you'll never want anything else.

Love that Baby Fox has finally mastered the art of smiling with me...yay for 1000+ more selfies with this guy!

We were waiting in the car for Daddy to get home, so as soon as he pulled up we could get to the gym, don't worry I put him in his car seat before we left

Last night I had a few errands to do before picking up some food for dinner. How did I get him to go with me? I promised him we would stop in at CVS to play with the car display.

Just line them up in CVS!


When did she get so big?

She's waving in this picture and saying hi!


I just bought these for Baby Fox when we went to Costco last night. He couldn't wait to wear them, so yep I said yes and he wore clothes before being washed...gasp, I know! But he loved it and asked me to wash them today so he could wear them again tomorrow. My favorite part is the monocle!

Mini Fox wants a part of the action and is trying to grab his hand
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBT - Selfies

Since it's Thursday I thought I would do a throw back Thursday. Who came up with that anyway, why not Throw back Tuesday? Anyway, as I was going through pictures from the past, I realized that I've been doing selfies since WAY before it was popular or probably even thought up, so basically I created the selfie. Haha. So here we go:


Honeymoon in Bora Bora


Our first Anniversary, we went back to where we spent our first couple of nights as a married couple. 


 A friends wedding

Fun Fact: Mr. married her and her hubby
I've known this girl since 7th grade.

 Road Trip from Washington DC to Vermont and Back


10 Year High School reunion....did I just date myself?


Friends Bachelorette Party in Vegas (no this isn't the bride)

Friends wedding that Mr. was the Officiant and married them as well.

We were at the airport I believe, and Curtis was on a work call, of course you take a selfie right?


 My selfie game really ramped up with the purchase of a much better digital camera

Apple picking - I am about 7.5 months pregnant

 A friends birthday party

Another fun fact: Mr. also married this girl and her hubby

Selfie just before leaving for the hospital to have Baby Fox

It didn't stop when Baby Fox was born, it probably got worse...our first family selfie


 A friends wedding...also me and Mr.'s first time away from Baby Fox - he was 6 months old.


The night my Brother and SIL got engaged

I even make other peoples kids pose with me

I make Baby Fox pose with me as often as possible


Visiting a friend in the hospital

At my cousin's wedding in Chicago - I am about 5 months pregnant here with Mini Fox

The day I had Mini Fox

And of course when Mini Fox was born she got into the mix


So after seeing just snippet of my selfies, you can can go ahead and give me credit for creating the selfie. :) You're welcome.

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