Friday, March 29, 2019

Weekly Favorites #12

Happy Friday Foxy Friends. Another Friday has come, we made it! I had to go to a different site for work this week and it was brutal! The drive was about 65 miles away, yikes! Too far. Anyway, it's over and I don't have to do that for a while, I hope. Anyway, let's get to Friday Favorites.

Last Thursday I was on the way to the gym, when Mini Fox said she didn't feel good. I was hoping she could muscle through it, but she first said, I have a sore throat, then a block or two later, I have a headache, then another block later she had a stomachache...we headed home instead. She seemed okay when we got home, just watched some tv.

I went out  later that night with some friends for a Mom's Night Out. We were going to play bunko, but we didn't have enough people so we went and ate food instead, it was delicious.

Worst picture of me ever, but whatever, I'm having fun and drinking wine.

I had Friday off, and Mr. and I decided to do a day date. We went shopping, which I picked up this bad boy, cause I want to channel my inner Deena

Then I might have gotten my very first pair of these....awesome anniversary gift, can't wait to wear them!

Then we hit up some lunch at our favorite place.

Friday night we watched a friends daughter while they went on a date, the girls had fun.

We had a pretty awful night Friday night, Mini Fox was up half of the night with a sore throat. She was so sad, whimpering in her sleep. When it was finally time to get up Mr. said he had a sore throat too and was going to take them both to Urgent care. They were both pretty pathetic as Baby Fox and I were leaving for baseball. Baby Fox had a fantastic game, we were so proud of him.

Both Mr. and Mini Fox had strep throat, ouch! They got donuts to make themselves feel better. Not sure what she's doing in this photo.

I took this kid to a birthday party, he had a blast.

Sunday was a lazy morning for this girl. Antibiotics hadn't quite started kicking in yet.

Then I decided to do another craft project, which coincidentally failed, so need to head back to Home Depot this week to get what I ACTUALLY need, not what I thought I needed. Aren't all projects like that?

When I got home this girl was feeling better and spent a few hours outside tending to her fairy garden.

The rest of the night was low key, I went to get us dinner and it took 1.5 hours to get it...the wait was SOOOO long! But it was worth it, so good.

In case you missed it this week, I actually only blogged twice this week, bad blogger, but work kicked my butt and I was tired. This week was all about online shopping. Monday I shared 5 tips how to shop online, I gave you all of my tips and secrets, like how I save $50 on this desk:

Wednesday I shared all of the things I've bought on Amazon. Like this dress, you should get one for yourself, it's a pretty awesome dress for under $20.

Gotta share our latest obsession. We watched the first season over 2 years ago. It was fantastic. The second season came out on Friday and we have been watching it all week. It's 8 episodes and it's freakin' fantastic! It's almost better than the 1st season, the way the wove all the characters together. Stop what you are doing now, and go watch it. You're welcome.

Hope you have a great weekend. My brother is coming to town and Sunday we're hoping to go see Dumbo. Can't wait!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

5 Must Have Online Clothing Purchases

Hi Foxy Friends! This week over on the Blended Blog we're talking online shopping. On Monday I gave you 5 tips for online shopping, and today I'm sharing 5 must have purchases (these are all things that I have bought myself and use).

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

First up is this amazing dress from Amazon, I decided to take a chance and boy was I glad I did. So much so that two friends have already bought it for upcoming vacations.

It's flowy and has a cute slit up the side.

Love the way it looks when you walk. Also, how do people get great walking shots, man this took me so many to get this!

Don't worry there is a short pencil like skirt underneath, so you're not in any danger of flashing the world if a strong wind comes.

Oh and did I mention how cut the back is?

Cuteness all around. For sizing, I got a 4/6 size.

Onto other things I have bought. I might have become obsessed with buying Amazon I got these jeans. Let me tell you how freakin' soft they are, and the have vanity sizing, which doesn't everyone love that? I went down 2 full sizes and they fit great! (my goal this weekend was to take pictures of all these things, but life happened and I didn't, but I got the one above, so that's good right?) Eventually it will all make it onto the blog.

Since we are going on two pool/beach vacations, several coverups are in order right? This one is the cutest with the pom poms. Mr. said it's his most favorite purchase I have gotten so far. Plus it's under $20, so get two!

Another beach coverup I got was this one. When it first came it the mail I thought, holy cow this things is HUGE! But then realized you need to cinch at the waist and it gives you a cute figure with some "bat" wings, endearing bat wings of course. And you have the cutest cover up. It comes in 3 colors and is $21, still good deal.

Last but not least, is not from Amazon, but from Nordstrom, this t-shirt is oh so soft and will keep me looking cute through the summer. I get so much wear from my long sleeved one, I had to get a short sleeved one too.

So those are the the clothes I've been buying lately. Oh and I did buy this romper in hopes that I could wear it as a beach cover up. Be warned, that the seller doesn't necessarily do returns, still waiting to hear back, and the leg holes are the size of my arm. Seriously, I don't have abnormally large legs and these were skin tight...yikes! Now head on over to Katie's blog, or TBB to link up your online finds!

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Monday, March 25, 2019

5 Tips for Online Shopping

Hi Foxy Friends! Today over on The Blended Blog we are talking online shopping, cause I know I'm not the only one that does online shopping! Here are my tips and tricks for online shopping.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

| ONE |

Only buy things you know you can return. I pretty much never take any risk and only buy things that I can return. Occasionally I'll take a chance, and almost always it comes back and bites me and I have to eat the cost of that thing, darn it. I'm talking to you clothing. I'll buy other things from there but not clothes, it's so hit or miss. Although one thing I scored on was this skirt...that was pretty awesome. Unfortunately she doesn't sell this skirt any more. But this one is pretty close.

| TWO |

Always look for a coupon code. Retail Me Not usually has some good ones. I also use Wikibuy. I've had good luck with that. I wrote all about it here.


Always price compare. Unless you think it's a screaming deal, always check to see if you can find it cheaper somewhere else. I just highlight the name of what it is I want, enter that into Google to see if it pops up anywhere else. The desk I got, I found $50 cheaper somewhere else, all by Googling the name. Currently it seems to be $150 everywhere, so if you need a white desk, get this's an awesome cheap white desk. It also comes in black and espresso, with free 2 day shipping, can't beat that!

| FOUR |

If you can, buy things that you can return to the store. I know this is a weird one, but I really prefer to buy things that I can return to a store, like Nordstrom, Target, DSW, Loft, etc. Those are my go to places, leaving it up to the postman to get my stuff back to the retailer, makes me super nervous. So I will almost always buy from them. The few things I've returned to Amazon, the seller either has to decide if they want to take back your product, like what? Take that back yo!

| FIVE |

Stalking a product like no other. Find something you really like, but it's slightly out of your price range? You better believe I stalk the heck out of that thing. Sometimes you can figure out when their sales start, but mostly I don't try that I just check back weekly if something is new, and then every few days after that. I figure if it's meant to be, I will get it for a cheaper price. I'm always so excited to find something on sale. My most recent stalk purchase, were these shoes. Currently they are $5 cheaper than what I got them for...hmmm...what other colors do I NEED? All of them? Okay not really, probably the red and maybe the navy? Or Pale Gold? That one is pretty, decision, decisions.

So those are my 5 tips for online shopping. What are your tips? Anything you want to share that I missed? Head on over to The Blended Blog to link up your Online shopping tips, tricks or finds! Comes back Wednesday to see what I am actually buying online!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekly Favorites #11

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Friday! I have today off and Mr. decided to take the day off with me and we're going to do a day date. Our anniversary is coming up in a couple of week, so we thought this would be the perfect time to go shopping for some gifts and to get some us time. We love day dates. Anyway, here are my favorites from the week:

Last Wednesday Mr. and I went out with some friends to the Improv to see Jo Koy, so hilarious! If you ever get a chance to see him, do it, you won't regret it.

Friday night was Mr.'s birthday, so we broke Lent and ate meat...shhhh, don't tell. But I am pretty proud of these grill marks. Mr. Sous Vide'd it, and then I grilled it on the grill outside.

I made all of his favorite foods, Filet, Homemade Mac and Cheese and Baby Broccoli.

I realized just before the kids went to bed we hadn't taken a picture this was our attempt.

Sunday we headed to my parents house to celebrate Mr's birthday. I typically make his favorite cake (carrot), and our neighbors favorite cake is carrot as well, so I made split the batter up and make her her own cake too, two for the price of one. note: the cake recipe is for 3 9" layers, I make 2 smaller, 8" layers and then make 2 more super small, 5" layers for her cake. Anyway, when we dropped off the cake her daughter and kids were there, and they were playing with her new baby chicks. We could have stayed all night, they were so cute and soft.

Forgot to take a family picture, but got the kids in their St. Patrick's Day jammies.

What are you all up to this weekend? Unfortunately as I type this Mini Fox isn't feeling well and has a slight fever, so our day date is up in the air. But on the flip side we'll get lots of snuggles and maybe watch a few movies.

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