Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa and his Reindeer

You all know that I had to do something with the kids for Christmas right? We're hosting Christmas this year, so I thought I would do a fun little craft project with the kids as the invite. After searching pinterest...for 6 seconds, I found this and this and thought, let's put them together!

I ended up typing something up on the computer for the invite and attaching it to some scrapbook paper. Worked out well. Now I just need to get them in the mail. Although, everyone already knows we're hosting, so this is just a little bonus for them.

I had a mini kid sweat shop at my house, I ended up doing 12, cause that's all the patience Baby Fox had for his hand print. Mini Fox didn't really have a choice and she didn't seem to mind, although painting her feet made her giggle a little.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Door Christmas Card Holder

Remember when I made this raindeer clothes pin holders and this Christmas tree clothes pinlast year? Well I figured out this year a better way to display all of the beautiful Christmas cards. Last year I ran out of room on our mantel, so hopefully this year I've solved that problem.

This is a "door" to our heater. I decided to decorate the door and wrap it like a present and then display all of the Christmas cards on it. Solves two problems, hides the ugly "door" in the wall for a month, and a great place to display cards. Win-win in my book.

I bought some wrapping paper at Home Goods for $2.99, it happened that the width of the roll was exactly what I needed, what luck! The back of that door has a cork board which makes this project super easy, I stapled the wrapping paper to the top then wrapped it under the door and stapled to the bottom of the cork board.

Next I wrap ribbon vertically down the door, again stapling it to the cork board.

Next it goes horizontal

If you want to make a bow, then follow the directions below. I find that we get so many cards that the bow just gets in the way, but I do like the way it looks way better.
To make a bow, decide how wide you want the bow, and then wrap the ribbon around that size a lot. When you think you have enough layers, wrap it 4 more times at least, trust me.
P.S. This tutorial part was from a different year, so the paper does not match.

Then cut slits on both sides to form sort of a "V"

My Mom's hands, not mine

Then tie a ribbon or floral wire around the middle like this:

Then you just fan it out, go back and forth, fan one way then fan the next layer the other way, continue to do that, and then when you are done, start to fluff and make it look pretty. It's a little harder to do with a really big bow like I made, but I used the stuff with wire in it, so it was pretty easy to make it do what I wanted.

My bow all done and ready to be put on the wall

But first I decided to really tape down the ribbon that I put up. Initially I just stapled the ribbon to the cork board on the back, but decided that I should really tape it down elsewhere to give it extra strength to hold all those cards!

Then I tied the ribbon down, and used some tape too. Doesn't it look pretty?

Then I added the Christmas tree and Reindeer pins and there you have it, what it would look like with the bow. I had to use Baby and Mini Fox's birth announcements, because we had no yet received any Christmas cards the day after Thanksgiving (when I put this up), but you get the picture.

What it looks like without the bow. In the end with this one, it becomes a wall of cards, because, for us, we get so many that it covers the door.

There you have it a simple DIY Door Card Holder.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Hand Turkeys

I have a quick project that you can do, just in time for Thanksgiving in two days! Wow, two days, crazy. Anyway, this is pretty simple and you can make it as easy or hard as you want.

What You'll Need:

Moving eyes (although this is really optional)
Construction Paper

What to do:

Step 1: Paint paint on palm of your hand and put on paper.

Step 2: Add feet and eyes

Step 3 (optional): I wanted to make it a little festive and add some feathers with things that Baby Fox and Mini Fox were thankful for.

I used my cricut for this, but you can always cut out some feather shaped pieces of paper, or just write on the "finger feathers" themselves.

Step 4: Add a beak and a Happy Thanksgiving and you're done!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Insert Sad Face Here

I lost my small little point and shoot, what seemed like my life line.

If this doesn't scream to the hubby, I need a phone that can take pictures, I'm not sure what does.

I'm in mourning, not because I have to pay for a camera but that I lost 5 days of pictures..


Continue on while I go cry myself to sleep.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I shop at Nordstrom's - for those that don't frequent, aka Nordies. And I just discovered one more reason to love them even more, so I thought I would share it with you.

1) They have the best most fantastic return policy. I mean seriously, I order hundreds of dollars online, mostly because I'm ordering 2 sizes in everything, and they take it back no problems asked. I like returning to the store so that I can shop around some in my book. Oh and there is really no time limit on when you need to return.

2) On their website you can search by price (love that you can specify sale items), size, color, brand, etc. what better way to shop than to search for exactly what you want. Plus the extra stuff on the side bar sort of helps too - it says "hey if you don't like that you might like this" Some people find it annoying, I like it cause sometimes you just don't see that option.

3) Their women's half yearly sale, what gets better then getting stuff on mega sale. They have the sale going on right now, in case you wanted to know.

4) And I just found one more reason to love this store...they are actually celebrating Thanksgiving, they aren't opening on Thanksgiving day for people to shop, they are letting people stay at home with their families and hang out and be thankful for each other and everything around them.

Now get to shopping at Nordies we want them to keep bringing on the good deals.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I'm awake, yes it's 8:45am, but I'm awake. I've been awake since 6:30am, not cool. Okay it is cool that Mini Fox slept from 12:30 to 6:30am, but then took an hour to fall back asleep, at which time I thought...hell with it, might as well get up. And now all I can think about...when is naptime? Good thing she's doing this right now:

This picture was taken on Sunday, this is not her sleeping right now.
I have a shopping addiction, I've gone to the mall three days in a row...yes THREE, no wait, I'm going back to day so make that 4! I have a problem, I've been to Old Navy three times, Gymboree 6 times, no joke (long story short, I worked the system and saved $50 in a round about way, hence the 6 trips.) Mr. gets an extra paycheck this month and you better believe I am spending it as we speak. Mini Fox has proven to be a good shopping partner.

I did, however, find our outfits for our Christmas card, which we're taking pictures Thanksgiving weekend, I was stressed to the max, but I figured it out and it's all going to work out. I have faith. The whole outfit is based around this baby. I'll give you a clue, I spent more money on the kids outfits then ours. Go figure.

And just cause we can...chubby bunny :) remember doing that as a kid?

Don't worry, we did it with Baby Fox too :) He didn't have quite as much cheek to work with though.

and that's all I have for this random Wednesday!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

My brother and Sister-In-Law came to visit us this weekend! It was the first time they met Mini Fox, so we were all excited. They drove out from Vegas Friday evening, so we didn't see them until Saturday morning.

First things first, Friday, Mini Fox got her two month shots, insert sad face here. This was taken before we went to the doctors. She had no idea what was coming, poor thing. After the doctors we headed off to Costco, yep, I concurred Costco with two kids...luckily one of them slept the whole time, and that my friends was the last time she slept until Daddy got home. Luck for me Daddy was not fatigued from a crying, shot ridden baby, and suggested some Tylenol for the feverish, crying baby, it worked like a charm. Note to self, give baby girl some Tylenol after her shots.

Saturday my Bro and SIL came to visit, yay! They fell in love instantly

Mr., Bro and SIL took the dogs (theirs not ours) and Baby Fox to play at the park. Baby Fox wore out the dogs and they came home because the dogs were tired, not Baby Fox, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Then we headed to lunch at Whole Foods. I thought this was a pretty good self portrait taken by me.

Bro and SIL spoild Baby Fox by buying him a cupcake, yum!

Then we went home for naps and dinner at Kings Fish House, SIL and Mom double fisting it, in reality, they ran out of Martini glasses so they got two smaller glasses.

Baby Fox helping Ampa (aka Grandpa) to the car. My dad got his knee replaced last week and is in recovery with an old man walker, I told him to complete the look he need some tennis balls on that walker of his.

And this little girl turned 2 months!

Sunday we took a walk to breakfast, Baby Fox walked the whole 0.6 miles there, granted most of it was down hill.

Then we came home and all three cars got washed. I have to thank Baby Fox at this time because he insisted they clean Mommy's car too. Thank You Baby Fox!

Baby Fox's dump truck also needed a wash.

And this girl did this part of the time

All in all it was a great weekend! Can't wait for next weekend, we have Mr.'s family coming into town!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Geek In Me

Baby Fox's remote control car broke in half, yep that cheap little plastic could not hold up to a 2 year old, go figure. So what does one do when faced with a 2 year old asking Mommy to fix his car?

Glue? Nope. Electrical Tape? Yep! And that's exactly what I did, used electrical tape to fix that bad boy up, can't even tell I used it.

I used electrical tape to fix my phone too. Hey it had a black backing and it wouldn't stay on, so I used electrical tape. The AT&T guy actually laughed at me and said he's never seen such good work, he didn't even know I had tape it, it was that good. So if you ever need anything professionally taped back together, I'm your girl.

Yes I realize I am the biggest nerd ever, but my profile did warn you.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Work It!

I got cleared and am working out again, yay! Let me tell you, the Double Bob is a freakin' beast! Seriously, it takes so much arm strength to just push it a foot, I might die.

My first week working out again was last week, I am part of this thing called Stroller Strides, it's a great way to socialize with other Mom's and get a great work out in. This isn't some sissy workout, it's hard core, especially on Friday with this lady. Everyone knows Friday is a great workout before the weekend, she teaches several different workout classes around town and is an awesome motivator.

End of class ab workout, yep, I was taking pictures while others were doing abs, the three ladies standing on the left, are pregnant and due soon, I give them a pass.

Last Friday all the kids dressed up and we did a little parade and stroller trick or treating, I think Baby Fox is the cutest one out there, I might be biased though. Mini Fox was in costume, but she slept through the whole thing.

Me and my Zebra