Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Favorite Sweater/Leopard Fashion - I Might Have An Obsession

 Hi Foxy Friends. It's been a hot minute since I did a fashion post. But since quarantine started I've been on this leopard kick that has not stopped. I'm not kidding, I've bought 4 pairs of leopard print shoes...I know where am I wearing shoes to? Anyway, the leopard doesn't stop there, I've bought so many leopard sweaters...I live in Southern California, in case you didn't know, sweater weather here is about 2.5 seconds. Okay so let's get started, so you can also get these fun and cozy, soft goodies! 

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First up is the latest thing to join my collection of ever growing sweaters. Mr. keeps asking me where I am going to wear these things...I keep saying, around the house? It is one of the softest things EVER. My friend happened to be over when I got it in the mail, and she immediately went online and got one for herself. Of everything on the list get this!

How gorgeous is this sweater? It's the perfect length and the softest thing I've ever felt.

T-Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Boots (similar) | Earrings | Make-Up

The pockets are so comfy, fits my phone perfectly.

The jeans I'm wearing are so stretchy and comfy. I've linked the same brand but different pair, as I can't find the same exact pair that I have on.

The second sweater is one that I bought sometime last year and it's great too. A friend also bought this and we try not to wear it at the same time. Not as soft as the one above, but it immediately ups a pair of jeans and shoes. I usually wear, these slip ons, but I was losing light and needed to take quick pictures. I love those shoes so much I wore out my first pair and am on my second pair! Go get yourself a pair too!

Jeans (similar) | boots (similar) | Earrings | Make-Up

The third sweater, I'm not really sure where I saw it, but I saw it and knew I had to have it. It's great color blocking. So many times I see sweaters and the color that is closest to the face is some sort of orange color, yellow or some color that looks awful next to my face. So when I saw this I had to have it. Unfortunately I can't find the same colors, but this is the sweater I bought from this vendor. This sweater is soft and something that I don't currently have in my closet, color block sweater that is. Surprising I know.

T-Shirt | Jeans (similar) | Boots (similar) | Earrings | Make-Up

The last sweater is actually a dress. I bought this originally to wear for our family photos, but decided to go in another direction, but kept the dress because it was under $20 and how could I not keep it? It comes in 9 colors, I might have bought 4 colors for the family pictures, but ultimately decided to keep just this Mauve color one.

I got a medium, but probably could have gone to a small, although I would have lost a little length, and I feel this is already at my shortest I would want to go.

This next sweater is one that I constantly grab as my "I'm cold and need to get warm" sweater. I know two other friends that have this same sweater and we're all always wearing it. It also comes in different patterns, like this plaid on the top instead (sort of want to get this one too), and the black and leopard one.

Jeans (similar) | boots (similar) | Earrings | Make-Up

Told you I was obsessed with leopard!

Honorable mention. I actually bought this sweater, but I have claustrophobic issues and I had to return it, but not before wearing it around the house for about 5 minutes, before I had to tear it off. I'm so sad, because it's the cutest and so soft! Another friend, the same friend who bought the above sweater, bought it and hers shrunk in length when she accidentally dried it, so don't dry it if you don't want to loose length.

Oh yeah, forgot about this one too, it's super lightweight and perfect for lounging around the house.

And it had pockets...need I say more? Hey there are those slip ons I was talking about.

This leopard shirt was a dud...don't get it, it's super boxy and wasn't very flattering. I just got it and still need to return it, luckily Amazon has a great return policy and it's super easy.

When I tell you I'm on a leopard kick, I'm not kidding, I also bought these heels, where I'm going to wear them, I have no idea! I just love that they are a subtle hint of leopard and for $30, yes please! How could I turn that down?

I bought these slip on shoes too, full confession I bought them freakin' twice! Once online and then a few months later I was in the store and bought them again.I had a feeling that I already had them, but because I hadn't worn them, I didn't really remember, and it was such a good deal, that I had to buy them. Don't worry, my mom ended up buying them off of me, so I only have one pair. They are so comfy that I wear them with no socks and no blisters while out doing errands. Run don't walk to go get yourself a pair. In case you wanted to know, this is the other pair I bought, it has a cute zipper detail that is good cute to pass up. It's the pair that I kept.

Also got these cute wedges on the recommendation of Kellyann ...this is just getting embarrassing now...

Okay one more pair, then I promise these are all of the shoes I bought during quarantine...wait that's a lie. Darn. I can't find the link to the other pair...but know I bought a pair of leopard sandals. I did also buy these running/workout shoes. They're comfy and I might have bought two pairs. One to wear while working out outside, and one for the house. Everyone does that right?

We'll not get into all of the workout/lounge wear that I've bought. But some of it is in this post

If you're still with me...I know it was a long one with lots of words, here is a close up of my make up.

All make up is from my girl Becky, you can find her on FB or IG

Colors I used: 

Eyes: Plum Berry, Smoke Shimmer, Ballet Slipper, Shell Glitter

Blush: Plum Berry

Eye brows: Rustic Brown 

Lips: Dusty Rose 

Not sure why my outfit posts and turning out blurry, they don't look like that when I load them, but are coming out blurry in the post...need to figure that out.

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