Monday, November 24, 2014

We Just Bought the Most Giant Tree!

My brother-in-law was in town this weekend. Luckily I had the day off on Friday. Before taking Baby Fox to preschool, we had to decorate the cake for BIL's birthday!

Everyone eats oatmeal and frosts cakes during breakfast right? Yep I used canned frosting and boxed cake, it was delicious, why fix something that's not broke?

Baby Fox really wanted to put sprinkles on the cake

He takes his decorating serious

After taking Baby Fox to preschool, and doing Mini Fox's hair in a cute french braid. Okay it wasn't that cute, but I did it, and I am so excited for all the hair styles to come when her hair is a little thicker and longer.

And then doing the "someone is coming over, need to quickly do a 10 minute clean job when it really should be an hour worth of work" cleaning job, we were off to the airport. Everything went perfect, and we were back at home in no time.

Yep he's that tall, he's 13 inches taller than me. I could barely get us all in the picture, haha.

 We ate some lunch and then went to pick up Baby Fox from preschool

After nap time while we were waiting for Mr. to get home, Baby Fox colored and Mini Fox just wants to be where Baby Fox is.

Mr. got home and what was the first place BIL wanted to eat at? In and Out of course.

Friday night we laid low and watched  Fight Club, have you seen it? I didn't really want to watch it, but Mr. said I would like it and you know what? I was pleasantly surprised. Go watch it if you haven't yet.

Saturday I took Baby Fox to get his hair cut, actually we went Friday after school, but the wait was 40 minutes, no thank you!

He acts like she's hurting him, but he just kept leaning away from her...

The hair trimmers are tickling him

Then we hit up this home decor store that is basically the size of Costco and it sells everything whole sale. You have to have a sellers license to get in. A friend has one, so she let us borrow it, yay! We did some major Christmas shopping. She had told us that the Christmas stuff goes fast, and that after Thanksgiving most of it would probably be gone. I usually don't like Christmas before Thanksgiving, but well, when you really want an awesome Christmas tree, you gotta do what you gotta do...

The dislplay we're sort of copying for our looks really overwhelming in this picture, but in person it wasn't bad.
 We found the Christmas tree we wanted, we were waiting for someone to come take it down, since it was the last one.

Still waiting

Looking at some decorations.

Okay are you ready for the next picture? It's a picture of the tree we looks WAY bigger outside of that warehouse...crazy how small something looks in a big warehouse!

But it fit in my Mom's SUV, phew, I was worried!

Just us girls with some decorations

Baby Fox could hardly contain his excitment.

Baby Fox trying to help, but that's the last piece Baby Fox, not quite yet!

We really stepped up our game, our previous tree was 6 feet tall, this one is 10...perhaps we got a little carried away?

Now to the decorating...we're still looking for the "garland" I put it in quotes because it's ribbon, but we couldn't find the specific one we wanted at the store, so we're trying to find it else where.

After naptime we hit up our favorite Mexican place, yum! Then Mr. and BIL headed to a movie from dinner.

I have no idea who that lady in the back is

Sunday was pretty low key, we started things right with a quiche. Yum!

It needed to cool a bit, and Mr. really wanted it, Baby Fox was holding him back.

We decided to go with it and started decorating the house is full on crazy right now, decorations everywhere! This was just the beginning. I keep telling myself, it gets worse before it gets better, right?

Baby Fox helped put up Christmas lights outside. He could no contain his laughter, he thought it was just the best time.

Mini Fox wore this cute little number all day. Mr. dressed her.

Kissing her little doggy

Before naptime everyone went swimming. Don't worry they just went in the spa, too cold for the pool (it was about 60°).

Mini Fox loved it!

I didn't take any picture, but I made potroast for dinner, and my parents came over. It was a great way to end the weekend. Until next time BIL!

and just cause they are cute.

Hope you had a great weekend! Hopefully most of you have the week off. I'm taking Wednesday off, and REALLY want to take tomorrow off, but don't really have a good reason I guess I'll go to work. Boo.

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Hats

Back with the Style Challenge Ladies for the next topic of winter hats.  You know I'm pretty much the worst person you could possibly ask to do this topic, why? I live somewhere where it rarely goes below 50° during the day. But I did put together a list of things I would put on my head if I did live somewhere really cold.

The only thing on my head that you'll actually see is this one, when I'm snowboarding somewhere, preferably Utah.
Giro Discord Snow Helmet Women's

Giro Discord Snow Helmet Women's

You can't tell but I am wearing a pink helmet.

How cute is this hat? I can just imagine it with a cute Olivia Pope jacket some cute gloves and an awesome scarf.
Women's Eric Javits 'Lally' Wool Felt Cloche

Women's Eric Javits 'Lally' Wool Felt Cloche

I think I would wear this hat just about everyday, it's pink and it has a bow, need I say more?

Women's kate spade new york stitched bow slouched beanie

I know this technically isn't a hat, but it goes on your head, so I'm counting it, cute, cute, cute, although I'm not sure I can pull off the headband look. But I definitely love it when someone can.

Women's Made of Me Pleated Cashmere Head Wrap

These, I'm not sure if ear muffs really work cause I've never tried, but I can imagine another life living in NYC, walking to get my nails done, shopping, going to my next client (cause I have clients in this daydream), or hopping on the subway with these guys on.

UGG Australia 'Classic' Genuine Shearling Headphone Earmuffs

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