Monday, March 31, 2014

Best Weekend

We had the best weekend. It was just us doing a little of this and a little of that, but in total, it was a great weekend with family and friends. I had Friday off, so I met up with some friends for a park play date.

Baby Fox needed a little rest, what better place than Mommy's lap.

Mini Fox did this for the first 30 or so minutes

When she woke up, she was ready to play! Or look like a movie star hiding from her public. Please no pictures.

Baby Fox and his little friend Ms. J, they had a blast together

When we got home Baby Fox wanted to eat lunch outside

Then that night, I had a Mom's Night In, we went to a friends house and just talked and ended up doing our nails at an Ikea kid table. Nope I didn't change, we're all Mom's. OH and while we were there, there was an earthquake. That's the second on that I've felt this month, strange, maybe the BIG one is coming? It's been 20 years since the last one...hmmm...???

Saturday I made Baby Fox some chocolate/butterscotch chip pancakes, he thought they were pretty awesome. We had to tell him that they were for special occasions and not to expect this sort of breakfast every morning.

Then my Aunt and Uncle came over for lunch, they were picking up some of our baby equipment/clothes for their son and his girlfriend.

My aunt playing golf with Baby Fox, you know it's love when she leaves her perfectly awesome Mexican food on the table to play a round of golf with the little, when she was starving.

After nap time this happened.

You wonder what Baby Fox is doing? Well they kept saying, "the weather forecast says it looks like rain"and then they would shoot the water gun in the air, he was trying to catch the "rain" in his mouth

Sunday they went swimming again, you can see how our summer is going to go..

She hung out with me, while I took a lot of pictures of her

then we headed over to a different Aunt and Uncle's house for dinner. Colton got to play with his little cousin. He actually thinks that she lives there because she's always there when we are there.

Love that my kids get to play with their cousin. Madi had so much fun kissing and loving on "the baby" Looks like Mini Fox enjoyed the hugs.

Then the kids did this for a long while, they have the most fun together. They are 6 months apart, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching them grow up and play together.


And that was our weekend. This next weekend we're headed to Big Bear, can't wait to see my bestie and her family and get some hiking and maybe some snow time in.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

TBT: House Edition - Guest Room

If you missed any of the previous TBT: House Editions click here.

Next room up, the guest room. This was one of the last rooms to get painted, since we were living in this room, while we were painting the other rooms.

So which color of the rainbow was this room you might ask?

That's right there was an accent wall of deep red, the other part was this the ugliest brown color you can imagine. The pictures don't really show you how ugly it really was.

We decided to paint this room the color that pretty much all of downstairs was getting, but like all the other rooms, we had to first prime this room. Ah, much better...a blank canvas.

 I am killing this look, throw away paper Home Depot hat (backwards of course, cause why would you wear it forward?), shorts I found in the boys department when I was in high school, and doesn't everyone paint in flip flops?

Just keep painting, just keep painting, my life every daylight hour. It's hard to paint when your natural light goes away, you can't really tell what's been painted and what hasn't, surprisingly.

The finished product, much better! although this lighting makes it look green, it's actually a nice tan color.

As our Christmas gift that year, my parents gave us a bed (minus the mattress), curtains and roman shades.

I was really pregnant at this point, and wasn't allowed on the ladders to help. I was a really good picture taker and pointer.

 We decided that since this room has the french doors on it, that if people were spending the night that they were going to want some privacy, so we decided to put drapes on them, so they could be drawn at night for privacy.

Apparently my mom likes to stand in that pose. FYI: my mom and I are exactly the same height
 Next week, I'll show you the kids rooms and this guest room all finished and decorated.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How We Got Dumped

I never thought I would do this, jean jacket with jeans that don't quite match, but I think it works.

Jeans - Jolt (size down for these, they stretch out, trust me), Shirt - Old Navy (softest most comfortable shirt ever!), shoes - Nordstroms (most comfy shoes ever, said this girl, who I believed and bought two pairs). So basically this is the most comfortable outfit ever and I need to wear this everyday.

Mr. is taking pictures and making me laugh

 And what would an outfit post be without my little photobomber?

 In case you wanted to know, his shirt has a picture of a hotdog and a mustard bottle and it says "best friends"

Now onto some random things:

  • A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Mr.'s birthday. His gray hair is coming in fast and furious, he keeps telling me I'm making him go grey, I keep telling him that he was young when I met him, it has nothing to do with me? In any case, I sort of like my man with a little salt and pepper, what do you think?

 I love, love, love this photo!

  • Mini Fox is joining in on the crazy at our house

  • The best thing to happen to me in the last 3 months? Upgrading our internet speed and getting streaming netflix. Seriously, why did it take us this long? Oh yea, let me tell you a story of how Blockbuster broke up with us we broke up with Blockbuster.

    •  We've had blockbuster mail (like netflix), since the beginning, think 2005. Yeah we had it for that long, we had been grandfathered into some of the by mail subscription stuff. We felt a connection, like we had to keep going, we were fiercely loyal, but the past year or so, it was harder and harder to get the title movies that we wanted. Even the older movies were hard to come by. Fast forward to December (yea like 3 months ago), we decided to finally break things off with Blockbuster, saying that it wasn't fulfilling us any more, so with heavy heart I logged onto our Blockbuster account, only to find out that 1 week prior they had already broken up with us. It said something like, due to something or other we've decided to stop the by mail subscription, as of December 11th you no longer have this subscription, you have 30 days to return your existing DVD, else you will be charged the full amount for the DVD. Say what? No, no, we were breaking up with you, you can't just leave a note. I feel so cheated.

           But now I can watch movies, like Safe Haven, on my laptop, while cooking, BEST THING 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Edible Palm Trees

I got this idea from our Nanny who made Baby Fox hotdog trees

Made from cut up hotdogs, red grapes and ketchup at the bottom for "dirt"

I took this idea and made Baby Fox some palm trees, he loved it and asked for them the next day too.

I cut up an apple, Baby Fox doesn't like the skin so I peeled that off

Enjoying his palm trees outside for a picnic (as he calls it).

Now go out and make some edible trees.

Some hotdog leaf variations:

Broccoli florets
Green grapes
Spinach, cooked or raw
Honey dew

just to name a few, use your imagination, your kids will love you for it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap Fail

I have to show you guys what I made last week:
These shrimps, first time BBQ'ing them, and it really stepped it up a notch, like you need to go try them today! Perfect Lent Friday meal.

I made artichokes for the first time too, SUPER easy and extra delicious, why did it take me so long to make them?

We introduced the jumperoo to Mini Fox

Baby = Mind blown

To say that she loved it would be an understatement, she cried when we took her out of it, love that we're getting more use out of this toy, Baby Fox also loved it and was still using it as an almost 2 year old! 

He's too tall in it, but would

rock back and forth in it, I"m surprised he didn't break it, good thing cause his sister really does love it

Saturday Morning we went to Up in the Air festival, basically anything that goes in the air, they had RC helicopters and planes, BMX bikers and Frisbee catching dogs.

Watching the airplanes

Didn't get a picture of the planes, but did get a picture of a flying cool is that?

Watching the Pro BMX bikers, Baby Fox said when we were leaving "they were really impressive"

I'm not even lying, those are the words that came out of his mouth, apparently Mr. and I use the word impressive enough that Baby Fox uses it now too.

Mini Fox wasn't too impressed, fyi: Mr. dressed her, head bow and all

Then came the BMX bikers...see that lady?

Yea that really did happen - It was impressive

The rest of the weekend? I totally spaced and didn't take any more pictures. This whole, I lost my camera thing really isn't working for me. I don't carry my big DSLR camera everywhere I go, and I don't have a phone that takes pictures. I can only ask Mr. for his phone so many times before I start feeling guilty. Good news though, I might get Mr.'s old iPhone soon, we'll see how things work out, keeping fingers crossed!

I'll recap: Watched the new Hunger Games movie with my mom and Mr. - movie night!  Went to Church, worked on a free Shutterfly book (Shutterfly randomly sends me free books, do they do that to you too?), went to a friends house for dinner where I ate way too much and still feel bloated from it.

This girl, has been sleeping slightly better, oh yea!

How was your weekend? What did you do? Send me your links!

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