Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bridal Shower - Tiffany Style

I threw my best friend a bridal shower. She lives up in the mountains, so we had to bring everything up with us, but I think it turned out pretty good (I am jealous of the grass, how does he get his grass so green and fluffy, yep this is totally real, not that fake stuff, and it's so soft to walk on). So the first table on the left is where the gifts went, the next table is the drinks, and the far table is where the food went.

I got pictures of the bride and groom as kids and then made frames using my cricut, and put the pictures in them, used some ribbon and there you have frames in trees.

Drinks, you can see the pictures a bit better from this view.

I hung some of paper lanterns from the trees above where the food was going to go. These were bought at Micheal's, they are reusable, so a good investment in my opinion.

Here's the table when we got the food on it (top left - quinoa salad, top middle - fruit salad, top right - chicken sandwiches on criosants, bottom left - strawberry spinach salad, bottom right - chinese chicken salad). We had about 20 people and this was the PERFECT amount of food. I couldn't believe how pefect it was, there was about 1/2 a serving left on each plate.
We knew that it was going to be outside and sunny/hot in early August, so we found some EZ tents, so people had shade to eat lunch under.

The table just had mason jars filled with Daisy's, and then we put a fork and knife in the napkin tied with ribbon.

Here's those tissue pom poms  I know you were dying to see! Don't they look great? 

If you look close there are little chocolate favors, they have Hershey kisses with a tag that says the bride and grooms name along with their wedding date.

There you have it, a bridal shower fit for a queen. Considering we had to bring everything up the mountain with us, I think we did pretty good. Everything turned out perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better bridal shower. Up next week, another bridal shower, I threw with my mom and sister for my brother and his wife.


  1. aww what a pretty set-up. And I agree with you...totally jealous she has such a pretty lawn! The grass is incredible!


  2. Thanks Nancy for visiting! Love your blog, I need your style! ;)

  3. I love this bridal shower! Thanks for sending me this link, I loved the pictures of the bride and groom and all of the decorations...seriously too cute!