Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Sentence A Day: December Edition

Hey Foxy Friends! First post of the New Year, makes sense that it is Sentence a Day. Thank you Rebecca for coming up with this idea and letting us continue it each month! So here is everything I did this month, one sentence at a time. Also sorry for the lack of photos the first half of the month, Google photos is not behaving and I'm over it right now...maybe I'll figure it out later and come back to add them.

1 - Church followed by a birthday party for a friend and then relaxed the rest of the night, should have decorated for Christmas, but didn't...ah well.

2 - Normal day, piano lessons and working out while at the lessons.

3 - Got in a workout while the kids were at church, I'm sensing a trend.

4 - Much needed girls night out...and the guy taking the picture, could not for the life of him take a picture.

5 - Karate class and I went home to get a quick at home workout.

6 - Finally dinner with our Friday friends, has been almost a month!

7 - Super busy day, saw the Nutcracker in the morning, then went to a birthday party, followed by seeing lights with friends, super exhausted but oh so fun.

8 - Birthday party for Mini Fox, which Mr. and Baby Fox went and volunteered to make lunches for the homeless, then we finally decorated for Christmas, about time!

9 - Quick at home workout then took the kids to piano class and had some friends over for craft night.

10 - Baby Fox has Cotillion, it is the cutest thing, they played lots of games and I think the kids had a blast.

11 - Yay, finally back at my  workout class I love.

12 - Got in a quick run while Baby Fox was at Karate.

13 - Quick at home workout, PTA holiday lunch/meeting, errands, filmed a video with my mom, then hosted Poker night at our house.

14 - Kids went and spent the night at my parents so Mr. and I could go to a Christmas party and not have to worry about being home before my parents want to go to bed...we got home at 1am.

15 - Church and then went to a friends kid's birthday party, fun to hang with friends.

16 - I got a new CAR!!!

17 - Love getting my workout in while the kids are at church, butt kicking workout and done at 5:15, yes!

18 - Baby Fox's dojo gave us a private lesson because we are going to miss class tomorrow, super nice of them.

19 - Mini Fox's Holiday performance, followed by Baby Fox's Holiday party and then Mini Fox, 's Holiday party, then anniversary dinner with my parents, so fun and we discovered a new restaurant that is nice and kid friendly.

20 - Fun date night with friends, so nice of my friends mom to watch all 4 kids for us while we went out.

21 - Cousin Christmas party, one of the best days of the Christmas season.

22 - Over 500 cookies made, Mini Fox was the BEST helper, she's hired!

23 - BEST DAY EVER, went on the WB tour and then got to see the set of Gilmore Girls, my life is complete.

So fun to sit on the famous couch, BTW, it's hard plastic...not soft AT ALL!

24 - Christmas Eve mass followed by Christmas tacos (what we do every year) then gift exchange and getting ready for Santa.

25 - Happy Birthday Baby Fox and Merry Christmas, 2 families got sick for Christmas dinner, boo, but still had 18 people, prime rib, yum.

26 - Saying goodbye to Grandma and Uncle N, and Uncle Monkey was suppose to come but road closures made it impossible for him to get here.

27 - Saw Star Wards movie while waiting for my brother to get here, should have taken 4.5 hours, but 9 hours later Uncle Monkey got here, woo hoo!

28 - Mini Fox woke up and decided today was the day she was going to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels.

29 - Took Mini Fox to a big park with lots of space to really get riding her bike down, she's doing awesome!

30 - So Mini Fox decided she could go down a dirt hill on day 3 of riding her bike, she bailed hard (over the handle bar kind) and got up smiling asking to go again, X-Games here she comes.

31 - Great night with friends celebrating both the East and West Coast New Years.

Join us next month, we post on the first Tuesday of each month. Thanks for hanging in there while I sporadically blog here and there. One day I'll get it together.

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