Friday, November 13, 2020

Top 5 Favorite Gifts I've Bought For My Kids

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing some fun things I've bought for the kids recently. Some will be Christmas Gifts and others

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Favorite #1

Did you know that Target has sock Advent Calendars? Yep, your kids or yourself can open a different pair of socks each day. Not sure about your kids, but my kids LOVE socks, so this is going to blow their mind when they open them! 

I bought this one for Baby Fox

And this one for Mini Fox

Favorite #2

We're getting this for my son for his birthday (which is on Christmas Day). This is on the cheaper side and has pretty good reviews, of course you can always go more expensive, but I figure since they are using it for a go-cart, it doesn't need to be top of the line? At least that is my reasoning. Oh and it comes in 31 different styles and colors!

But wait, it gets better, if you're a little worried about them balancing and hurting themselves. You can convert the Hoverboard into a go-cart! What little kid doesn't want a go-cart?! It comes in 5 colors too!

Favorite #3

My daughter is OBSESSED with making her dolls both her 18" and barbie type dolls clothes. She typically uses tape to make her dresses and shirts. I figured that it's time for her to get her first easy to use sewing machine. At under $40 and pretty good reviews she is going to LOVE this!

Favorite #4

OH my gosh, did anyone else knew these LOL Mini Brands existed?!  Mini Fox is OBSESSED with finding things that we have that are miniature for her dolls/Barbie dolls. When I found out these were a thing, I went and bought 6 of them for stocking stuffers. Although I'm fairly certain not all 6 will fit in her stocking. She is going to FLIP when she sees that her Barbie can use the same ketchup that she uses. I guess there are 70 different mini brands that you can find within them. So I got her 30, hopefully we don't get too many repeats!
So of course I then had to go buy her this to go with her mini brands stuff. 

Favorite #5

Baby Fox is super into coding and science and this combines the two things...hey that's a win! It has great reviews and seems like everyone really likes it.

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