Friday, June 4, 2021

Friday Favorites - Last Day of School and Life Happenings

 Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Not sure what happened last week, but didn't get around to doing a Friday Favorites, but let's get going this week:

These kids last day of school was yesterday and we are so excited about the Summer and all the plans we have.

This kid got to pitch in the championship game, and while the boys played a great game, we came up just a little short in the last inning. We are so proud of them and how far they have come this season. Baby Fox got picked for All Stars, so we're super excited about that, and ready for some more baseball in June!

One last team photo. Mr. had to miss the official team photo, so we got one at the last game of the season. Can't wait for next season.

This girl finally got her mojo back on the horse after falling off a couple of months ago, so happy she got it back. She's worked so hard for this.

Did anyone else catch the lunar eclipse, called the Super Flower Blood Moon? The kids asked to be woken up at 4am, so we could watch it, I love that they are always up for something cool.

To be clear it was 61° out, but warm jackets were definitely needed.

Right when we went out, not the full eclipse yet. Funny how the pictures make it seem like it is so far away, but in reality it was like we could reach out and touch it.

My dad took the kids to the largest National Cemetery so that they could flags near all of the Veteran's graves. I love that we can share this with them, and that they can try to understand everything that people have sacrificed so that we can be here today.

Now that we are vaccinated we actually got to go out for the first time as a group to celebrate a birthday. It's so nice to see things starting to go back to "normal". 

Also went out with some girlfriends for the first time in a year and a half. It was so nice to actually hug them and grab a bite to eat.

I cannot even believe it is the last day of school, these kids did such a great job the last year, we had 3 first days of school, all distant, hybrid and then full time school. Both of them worked hard and received high grades and many compliments from their teachers. 

I cannot even believe how much they have grown in one school year. Baby Fox looks like a different kid, like how is this the same school year?! He went from little kid to just a kid. Mind blown.

We were finally able to do our last day of school ice cream treat, glad I remembered to take the selfie before my parents and sister drove off. It's a tradition.

And can we say, how much this girl loves ice cream?

If your face doesn't look like this after eating ice cream, did you even eat it right?

First weekend of summer, and we have football Friday, then baseball practice Saturday morning followed by out team party. Sunday I think we're laying low, and relaxing, cleaning the house, the kids brought all the things home from school and it's scattered around the house. Save me. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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