Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What's In My Purse

Hello Foxy Friends! Once again Mix and Match Mama and  A Little Bit of Everything is hosting their Let's Look At...series. Today we're talking about what's in my purse.

 This is my purse, it was my 40th birthday gift from Mr. that I got to pick out in Canada when I went with my girlfriends.

I've paired down what I keep in my purse a lot, I used to carry my day planner in there, everywhere I went, but I also take a backpack with me to work, which holds my planner and my lunch and water. It was too much trying to stuff it all in my purse. It's working out much better for me. So let's get to what's in my purse. The first are these two pouches. The pink one has seen better days.

The first pouch came with this purse and holds my car keys, work badge and for some reason my AAA card is in there. Also the whole keyless entry to the car, throws me off, I spend more time now trying to remember the last purse I used which is where my keys are. Need to figure out a better system.

I took my work badge out for privacy reasons, same with turning my AAA card over.

The pink pouch came with another purse, and it's just traveled from purse to purse. This pouch has random things in it, mostly a catch all that has the things I don't want floating on the bottom of my purse. Yep you see that correctly, that's an iPod Touch there circ. 2007. I was so excited to get it and thought that the screen was so big...not so much any more!

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Of course got some Lipsense in there, my favorite pen, can't get better than 12 pends for under $6. Then there are pencils that are randomly in there from the kids. Mini Fox likes to have an array of writing utensils in case she wants to doodle.

These don't need much explaining, but those sunglasses are awesome and are under $15. I have to have cheap ones, I loose them too quickly to get the expensive kind.

I have no idea why there are so many tissue packs in my purse. Well, I do, I bought them and I was going to distribute them in my car and other purses and the kids backpacks, but it ended up in my purse and not distributed. Oops, maybe I'll go do that now. Not sure if you can tell but they are super thin packaging which I really like.

Random papers in my purse, a play bill from my kids school Lion King Jr., some church documents and some medical bills that I've paid and I stuck in my purse so I could fill out the forms to get paid back through HSA.

Then of course my wallet, which has my credit cards, cash, gym membership card, allergy shot card check in, etc.

Then at the very bottom of the purse were these toys Mini Fox got at the pizza place near our house when we went there the other night with friends.

So there you have it, everything in my purse. What is the most random thing in your purse? If you want to join in on the fun, here are the prompts, we post the second Wednesday of the month.

, Hello, 2020!

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