Monday, March 23, 2020

Week 1 Of Quarantine

Hey Foxy Friends! It's been a bit weird to say the least. I figured that I started this blog way back when as a way to remember this strange way of life we're finding ourselves in. So let's start from Thursday March 12th. Mr. had a poker game, and they were all talking about when they thought school would be canceled. One of the guys said two weeks, Mr. said less than that. It was less than 24 hours they cancelled going to school, our football game was also cancelled, mostly because it was raining and the fields were muddy. We decided to hang out with some friends for dinner, we hadn't done Friday dinner in a while, due to sports. Saturday we decided to hang out again for dinner. Sunday was Mr.'s birthday and we decided against going to church, trying to avoid large crowds, like at church. We cancelled Mr.'s birthday dinner with my parents, they are in their mid-70's and we just didn't know. Figured better be safe than sorry.

Mr. and I woke up early to try and get Yosemite Camping site for July-August time frame...we were successful! Woo hoo! Let's hope we can go at the end of July!

My 6:45am bed head...glamorous, but we got a camp site!

Kids making cards for Daddy.

Mini Fox made a birthday badge.

We went to the park for a bit, just to get out of the house.

I made Mr.'s favorite cake, Carrot Cake and made some Japanese Curry for dinner.

Mini Fox found some decorations in the pantry.

Monday I worked from home to we could figure out what was happening with school and Mini Fox's teacher had gathered their supplies they brought in to make their Leprechaun traps. I think Mini Fox was most upset about leaving her good supplies at school, as we had no idea when they left school that they wouldn't be returning for a while.

We wanted to make this time fun for the kids, so we created our own school, we named it, and created shirts, a schedule, get them excited for doing school at home.

Their shirts, they came up with the logo and everything. So cute. We had some workbooks that we were going to use for summer, so we brought them out now to use. Their school district hadn't set anything up as far as school.

Tuesday I had to go to work to finish up some things and let work know I probably wouldn't be back to work for a while. Meanwhile Mr. C (what the kids decided to call Mr. instead of Dad during school hours).

They came up with a schedule.

Hard at work all week.

We only had a couple of workbooks, so we did some art classes from YouTube.

Got some exercise in too.

Climbed some trees.

March 19th my favorite workout duo started doing online live classes, so excited to at least get my favorite workout in, even if it's just at home.

This girl joined me for a little bit.

She decided to get fancy for school today, her favorite skirt because it's long, wasn't that your favorite when you were her age?

Friday the pool guy came and she got one last snuggle before we decided it was best if we don't touch anyone's pet any more.

Some math work.

We've been going to our park once a day so the kids can get some fresh air. We also decided to not let the kids play on the play structure or in the tree (see above picture), so she brought some art to work on.

More art when we got home.

Then we opened a stuffed animal surgery center. Go see this post for more details, but every once in a while a few stuffed animals have ripped so I try to get them all fixed. The kids made signs, it was the cutest.

Also for fun Friday we made cookies:

Tip: We only made half of them, then froze the rest in the little balls, that way you can have fresh made cookies whenever you want. Cook them at about 50° less than normal and for a bit longer, since they are frozen, come out great every time. I even cook them in my toaster oven.

Freeze on sheet first.

Then put in baggie and stick back in freezer, that way you can separate them really easily.

Friday night I had my first Zoom meeting with some friends, it was so nice chatting with people in the same situation.

Saturday Mini Fox had a horseback riding lesson. We figured that she is the only one in the lesson that it would be was nice getting out of the house.

One of the horses had a cute little pony, so cute.

After we got back from horseback riding and all showered up, we started watching Lord of the Rings.

Sunday a friend was doing a live PiYo class that I joined in on.

We decided since we weren't going to church that we would do the kids Religious Education stuff with them, girl decided to watch in a Ninja costume.

Part of that was to go outside and see what living things we could find. After we finished that the kids wanted to enjoy the backyard a bit.

Samantha living her best life.

The kids decided to play some catch, the ball went into the pool a lot.

She really wanted to go swimming, but the temp in the pool is in the low 60's.

Then we headed to the park for a bit, Samantha went along for the ride.

We ended the park with some down hill speed racing.

Also, this Meme made me laugh way to hard this week.

So that ends week 1. In our home school for their journal we asked them how they felt at the end of week 1. This is what Baby Fox said:

I feel bored this past week. I feel good because I got better at basketball. I feel like I am having fun. I like the schedule. I don't like the work, kinda. I like going to the park.

This is what Mini Fox said:

I feel happy this past week. It is a fun school. I like it because it is at home.

I consider that a win. We want them to look back on this time with fond memories instead of the uncertainty that all of the adults are feeling. I hope you are all staying safe and getting some social interaction via Zoom when you can. I really can change your whole day knowing you are going to talk to friends later that night.

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