Friday, March 13, 2020

Canadian Family Pictures

Hi Foxy Friends! So it's a week late, but I guess better late than never right? But while we were in Canada Deena and Abbie surprised us with a photo shoot with Larissa, who is amazing. We had never met her and right away she made us all feel at ease. So here they are, you guys know how much of a sucker I am for family photos.

Picture with my boy, don't get that very often.

Currently this picture is on my phone, we don't get these genuine smiles from Baby Fox often, but when we do, they are priceless.  The kids fell off the box they were sitting on from above, hence the laughter.

Me and Mr., also I would like to note, that he really really loves that hat.

The kids, adorable.

The kitties, Mini Fox wanted to snuggle them all day long, they are outdoor cats, so she spent a lot of time outside.

Little besties, they were so dang cute.

And these two, two peas in a pod, not sure who was more sad to be leaving him or her.

Mini Fox saw the two flowers/weeds/plants growing and planted herself inbetween and said take a picture of me.

Magically Larissa also started making snow fall during the photo shoot.

And would it even be a Foxy photo shoot if we didn't do a jumping picture?

Not entirely sure how Mini Fox's leg is in that position, is that even normal?

I sort of love the snow on the eyelashes, my favorite.

And the whole reason for the trip, these ladies. Why am I always standing between the tall people?

Thank you Deena and Abbie for the wonderful memories. Until next time when we can create some more memories!

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