Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quilt # 6

This is the last quilt that I made, it was about 1.5 years ago for my cousin's baby. Coming from my left side brain, I never do the traditional quilts, log cabin, stars, etc. I pull out trusty Exel (yep that Microsoft Program) and start designing away. For this specific quilt my cousin didn't want any I had free reign. She did send me some fabric that she decorated her daughters room with, so I had a color theme...I wanted to try and make it for a boy or girl, since she said it would most likely also be used for a second child, when they had one...

She was sort of doing a animal them, so I thought these prints were perfect...

I got to my Excel and thought up this design...

The white squares with two letters are the animals WE - White Elephant, white meaning the background color, the other colored squares in the middle was just so I could keep track of what pattern fabric to use and when, the colors really don't mean anything in the long run, I just needed a way to decipher when to use what.

This is pretty much how I do all of my project, I cut all of the squares then lay them out, here I am in the process of laying them out

All finished cutting, this my favorite part, the cutting is what always takes so long...the sewing is the fun part.

I decided to sew together the "FOX" part first and then start to sew the outsides and then piece together.

Almost done, just need the boarder...

The finished product hanging in my cousins room, cute don't you think?

So there you have it, a quilt start to finish!

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