Monday, November 19, 2012

And The Results Are

Saturday we went to the Be The One Run. We were worried that it was going to rain, but Mr and I decided that we would go rain or shine, but the weather worked in our favor, cloudy, not raining and perfect walking weather.  The whole thing was truely an amazing experience. There were so many people there supporting family, friends, loved ones, people with matching shirts with pictures of their loved ones, signs, it was really great to see everyone coming together to support such a great cause.
This is my friend Sarah and her sign
This was the sign that they used last year for the run, and has been in every hospital room since then.
Getting ready to start the race. K-Man had a rough night, but everyone still showed up in relatively good spirits.

I ran ahead of everyone with a friend and when we came back around (about mile 2.5), I walked with the rest of the group. Baby Fox got hungry, so we stopped to give him some breakfast, I felt since I already ran most of it, I deserved a break, right?

We let the rest of the group keep going, and when they came back around, we finished off the walk with them.

Almost at the finish line!


He wasn't in the mood to walk across the finish line.


We won for the most money raised about $7500!!! and K-man's Dad won for most individual money raised, I think about $2500! Go Team Happy Star!

At the end we took some group pictures, but they haven't sent me the pictures yet, I think they came out really well. Excited to see them. Thanks everyone for the support and prayers!

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