Friday, December 7, 2018

Sedona and North Pole Experience Recap

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! Last week I recapped day 1 of our mini vacation, to Bearizona and the Polar Express. This week I'm finishing up our long weekend with day 2. Don't worry, I'll try to keep the pictures to a minimum again.

Sunday morning was a lazy start. After we got going we ate a quick breakfast and headed out to Sedona. Mr. had found a good easy trail for the kids. It was about an hour and 20 minutes away from where we currently were, so not too bad of a drive, and super pretty! The town of Sedona is the cutest ever! A LOT nicer than a lot of the other National Parks we've been to. So it was a surprise how many shops and restaurants there were. We ended up at a Whole Foods of all places (yes they have one of those!) for lunch on the go. We all grabbed something and then headed to the hiking trail. As luck would have it, there was a picnic bench for us to eat lunch on at the beginning of the trail.

Such a fun hike, called Fay Canyon I believe. It leads to a boxed canyon which was pretty cool. It was mostly shaded, not that it was hot outside, but it would be nice if it were mid summer and hot.

Of course we went right past this sign and kept going.

I mean how can you not walk past this sign when you see this?

We hiked/climbed up it and it had a spectacular view. Totally worth it!

After our hike we drove back to Flagstaff to hit up the North Pole Experience. But wait, I saw these tress on the way in and wanted to stop to grab a picture on the way out. Mr. wouldn't let me take a picture of us because it wasn't in the safest of spots to get the shot.

We ate dinner and headed to the NPX,  which if you didn't know is a bus that takes you to the North Pole via Portal (they do a really good job convincing the kids). And suddenly you are at Santa's workshop and you are helping make bears for kids,

 eating cookies with Mrs. Claus and Grandma Claus

and going to elf school. It's all so magical.

And at the end you get one on one time with the Big Guy.

This is where the kids asked Santa for a bell from his sleigh. Click here for the perfect bell if your kids ask too. Santa is telling me what the kids have asked for and asking my help to wrap it, since he won't have time when he stops at our house, so I'll have to wrap it for him. It was all super cute and Santa did a wonderful job!

Two very happy kids.

We had another great trip. We're trying to talk some friends into going with us next year. We'll see, but the kids most definitely want to go back! Hope you all had a great week! Next week I'll be back to my Friday favorites!

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