Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sentence A Day: November Edition

1 -MNO with a friend I hadn't seen in a while, although we didn't take a picture, does that mean it didn't happen, hehe, j/k.

2 - Making a sign for my friend and teaching her how to do it, I love sign making.

3 -20 year high school reunion, so much fun seeing people and catching up!

4 -Lazy, lazy day, driving home then trying to get stuff done between being lazy.

5 - Ran/walked for 2 miles then did a HIIT class, hard workout, but I needed that!

6 - Hardest workout class, she is a robot, I don't even think she's human, that was hard!

7 - Yay, favorite workout class!

8 - Dentist appointment for both kids, no cavities, woo hoo!

9 - Tried to finish the signs I made for a friend, but realized I didn't buy enough border wood, oops!

10 -Day filled with soccer and errands getting ready for the family party tomorrow!

11 - Family Thanksgiving party with tacos, my kind of party. (I can't believe I forgot to take pictures!)

12 - Gym with the whole family, that's never happened, then off to dinner, good thing we went to the gym.

13 - Baby Fox got another stripe on his belt, woo hoo!

14 - Back in my workout class and it feels good.

15 -I might be crazy, but took the kids to the Chinese Lantern Festival (more driving), but they loved it and it was super fun.

16 - Driving, driving, driving....

17 - Feeling thankful for my brother who drive 7 hours (round trip), to see us for the day, go to Bearizona and the Polar Express with us.

18 - Sedona hike, followed by North Pole Experience makes for a pretty great day.

19 -Drive home was LONG, but the kids did great.

20 - Working from home isn't too bad, I could get use to this.

21 - Do I have to least it's from home!

22 - I love Thanksgiving, spending time with family and friends.

23 - Forgot to Black Friday shop, oops...was busy meeting a friends new baby, lunching with a friend and then heading out to LACMA in LA for the free jazz concert.

24 - Lunch with the bestie turned into lunch and a Hallmark movie and hanging out till way later than I thought, totally worth it! (forgot to take a picture, darn it!)

25 - Mr. is off for the next week, I can do this!

26 -Feeling under the weather, stupid allergies, walking on the treadmill is better than nothing right?

27 - Cheesecake factory for dinner is always a good evening.

28 - Just feeling tired, so skipped the gym today.

29 - So many packages arriving...oops!

30 - Dinner with friends, we haven't had our Friday night dinner in a while, then they took both kids for the night, with Mr. gone I of course went to Target at 10pm.

Next year we are going to start doing sentence a day on the first Tuesday of the month. So join in on the fun next year!

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