Friday, May 3, 2019

Weekly Favorites #13

Hi Foxy Friends. Happy Friday! Today is my off Friday AND Mr. is coming back! It's been a long 6 days! But I made it, we got Panda Express for dinner last night, so all is good with the world...until he leaves again in 3 weeks. Anyway, back to Weekly Favorites, so much happened last weekend.

Last week this kid lost his second tooth in a week. He's so excited to finally loose some teeth at 8.

Mini Fox got the mail the other day and divided the piles by category. From left to right:  not sure what to do pile,  throw away pile, keep pile (which ha check marks and hearts on it). Funny enough, all the piles had junk mail in it.

Both my brother and my Mother-In-Law came to visit, so one slept down stairs while the other slept in Mini Fox's room, which means that both Baby and Mini Fox sleep together. We were going to set up a blow up mattress, but they insisted on sleeping together. Just before we snapped this picture, they were facing each other with arms draped on each other. They moved right before we took the picture. Darn.

Saturday was Baby Fox's big day, First Holy Communion. We are so proud how hard he's worked towards this goal for the last 3 years.

Baby Fox did a reading, a friend was so kind to take a picture for us.

Big group right? The other half is going this coming weekend.

Best cake, they did such a great job decorating too.

After lunch/party Baby Fox got ready for his 2 hour belt test. We are so proud how hard he's work for this goal, each belt gets him one closer to black.

Final test, balancing books on their back while answer what each belt represents. This is more for fun, if the book fell it wasn't a big deal, just put it back on and keep going. Which is what their lesson was, don't give up, just keep working at it.

Baby Fox securing his new blue belt under the rocker so that it wouldn't get wet, it was super cute. Yes we still have that rocker, no we don't use it other than to hold our electronics when we are in the bath, lol.

So one more event Saturday night. I told you that we had a ton of stuff going on Saturday, when it rains it pours. We had Baby Fox's Fundraising Gala for his school. Theme was Red Carpet Ready, everyone who helped organize it did such a great job. I helped a bit, but mostly just showed up and spent money, lol.

Note: I tried a new eye make up look and I really like the way it came out.

It was such a great evening with friends raising money for our kids.

Not much on the blogging front, but I did get two blog posts out this week. 

Wednesday I shared the perfect dress to wear for upcoming events this Spring and Summer. Wedding season is upon us.

Thursday I shared what I am buying at the Sephora sale, this happens once or twice a year, so stock up on your beauty stuff now, 10-20% discount is WAY better than nothing!

If you made it to the end, thanks for baring with me. I do use this blog as a record for our family. I use to try and maintain a family blog and this blog, but it was too much, so now you guys get to know everything about us. So thanks! This weekend, is full of baseball and more first communions. I want to go see End Game, but don't think we'll have time this weekend, as Saturday night we have another fundraiser for baseball.

Have a great weekend!

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