Friday, May 31, 2019

Weekly Favorites #16

Hi Foxy Friends! I don't know what's up, I have no motivation to write any blogs. But for the sake of memories, and keeping track of what we do, so hang on it's been a while since I caught you up on stuff.

Baseball season has come to an end. Baby Fox did great, he pitched a few times and struck out a few. It's amazing how much each kid grows each season. I can't wait for next year!

His face, I just love this picture, even though he should be looking straight...haha.

These kids had a great first season of T-Ball, I can't wait for coach pitched next year.

Mother's day was perfect. I woke up and the kids told me to stay in bed. They made me breakfast, fruit, which is more than I usually eat, so sweet of them.

Got a family picture...this is the best we got.

Then we went to my parents for dinner that night, it really was the perfect Mother's Day.

Last Friday I went to The New Kids On The Block concert, it was amazing. Reliving my teenage years...better believe we sang out hearts out and the fact that Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Salt N Pepa were there too, amazing concert.

Of course we had to wear matching shirts...we made these, so fun to have a craft night to make them. And then we all realized we all wore the same jeans because they are that awesome that we all have them. Also, if you do get a pair size down 2, trust me, vanity sizing at it's best. I was nervous to do so, but they fit perfect.

Thanks P for driving us, a friend who took Uber had  tough time getting out of there afterwards.

At the restaruant we went to, we walked in and these ladies had the same slogan we did but on hats, of course we had to take a picture with them!

These other ladies were there too going to the concert, you become instant friends when you bond over a 90's boy band.

The concert definitely didn't disappoint, if they are coming near you, GO, you won't regret it.

In other pictures from life:

The kids had an impromtu football pick up game which led to dinner at a friends house. One of the kids fell into the pool, and lost a shoe, the other kids tried to get it out. Took them a good 30 minutes.

Mini Fox likes to hold "meetings" in her room (messy at the moment, when I ask her to clean it she says, sorry I keep getting distracted by playing on why she hasn't cleaned it up yet). She gave Mr. a ticket, this says "Rob Bank Store, No Tax"

This one says "ticket 100 (dollars)"

This one spill water on his blankie and then wanted to wait for it to dry...

Memorial Day party at a friends, the pool was cold but the kids never seem to notice.

Last thing, kids started piano lessons this week.

So far 2 days in they still love to practice...we'll see how that goes.

Is anyone else super stoked about this? I know, no one says stoked, but I do. And I am, so excited about this,  I hope it's good, and I hope it's on Hulu because we don't have cable.

I just discovered this photographer on Youtube, man he is good. I've watched a few of his videos and man he has some talented people to take pictures of.

Also this....can never judge a book by it's cover, beautiful!


Alright, I think you're all caught up, and I blogged two days this week, who am I? What are you up to this weekend? We're going to my Aunt and Uncle's house sans kids for a Prime Rib dinner heck ya!

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