Thursday, October 10, 2019

Fall Make Up Look

Hi Foxy Friends! I got this and filmed this awhile ago but just got around to editing...but it's my new favorite Senegence (some of you might know it as Lipsense) collections. I got my hands on their new Fall products and I'm in love! It's my new go to everyday look, it's seriously the best!

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If you want to get some too, hit up my friend Becky. She also has a pretty awesome facebook group where she gives you tips on how to use the products and what's happening at the company. So many new things coming out, I want it all! By the way I don't get compensated for this, I just like the product and Becky!

So here is my final look.

Lipsense make up look for Fall

It's hard to capture with lighting the eye look, next time I'll go outside. 

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