Thursday, October 3, 2019

My 5 Secrets to Happiness

I was following a prompt today, but apparently they also took a page out of my book and neither one of them are blogging, so now you just get the post. Today I'm talking about my 5 Secrets to Happiness.

| ONE | Find your tribe or several

I once wrote how to make friends as an adult. I'll admit, it's super hard, you have to put yourself out there. Be vulnerable to asking someone to go for coffee or get lunch, but I promise, if you make an effort they will too. But being lonely is way worse that asking someone to go shopping and finding your tribe.

I have my on line tribe, who I just went to Canada with for 6 days, it was amazing.

I have my mom tribe when we first became mom's, who I don't know what I do without. Mom schedules might get in the way, but they know how to come through for me if/when I need it.

 Then I also have my mom sports/school mom tribe, who really keeps me wanting to go to my kids functions, cause really it's the kids playing and the adults talking right?

Then you have those friends that you've been friends with since you were in single digits and no matter how much time passes they still drive 200 miles for your 40th birthday.

| TWO | Spend quality time with your spouse or significant other

Just like your tribe, you still have to work on your marriage/relationship. One of the reason I drastically cut back on blogging, I was spending too much time blogging and not enough time being present in the moment.

| THREE | Working Out

This is my time for me. I do so much chauffeuring that sometimes I don't get that hour I need/crave to workout. Wednesday is my day. I have a class that I love to take and the kids know this is my day. I will do anything and everything for  them, but I need at least one day to workout. Ideally it's more, but I'll take the one day.

| FOUR | Vacations

Because who isn't happy when on vacation. This summer we were lucky enough to take a few trips with friends and it really was the best. More of those kinds of vacation coming soon!

| FIVE | Crafting

For me I love crafting, doing all the DIY's. Currently my thing is making key chains, and if anyone wants one, hit me up!

So what makes you happy?

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