Thursday, November 7, 2019

Deer Make Up For A Beginner

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I am bringing you, a little late, a deer make up look. I did this for two events I went to with the kids, it was super fun to be dressed up for Halloween, without actually having to wear a costume. Make up does wonders! As I was looking around for Deer make up looks, they were all using things that I didn't have, nor did I have time to go buy, or want to buy. So I took bits and pieces here and there and put together what I thought made you look like a deer.

Make Up Used:

Other Things Used:
Flowers - Hobby Lobby

I ended up wearing a short sleeved top because it was 90° way was I going to wear pants, a long sleeve shirt and a fur vest...

Sorry the pictures are off centered, we were late to our Halloween function and Mr. was wearing his costume and wearing this funky wig and he couldn't see anything...haha!

Easy Halloween Costume

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