Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sentence A Day: October Edition

Hi Foxy Friends, it's been a hot minute, but I finally remembered to fill in my dates. I love looking back at these and remembering everything we did. Check out the other ladies participating in the link up down below.

1 - Wow that workout was unexpectedly hard/good, now to keep it up...fell off the workout wagon a bit.

2 - Another workout, super sore from yesterdays workout, but felt good to get back at it.

3 - Much need MNO...forgot to take a picture with everyone, oops!

We got this one, the street was really pretty, and we got lost trying to find the restaurant, so what do you do? You take a photo.

4 - Full day of errands, dentist and then dinner at our house with friends.

5 -  Had to miss soccer games so I could help set up for Thomas House gala, so happy we raised a ton of money to help families get back on their feet.

6 - Fun birthday party at the pumpkin patch, then dinner with Aunt and Uncle makes for a great way to end the weekend.

7 - Almost took the kids to piano and as we are walking out the door remember that we changed it this week to Wednesday, phew glad I remembered.

8 - Baby Fox went to his first Cotillion class and both kids started up this season of their religious education. (Going to write a post on Cotillion next week!)

He got paired with the tallest girl there.

9 - No school today, so of course I planned for Mini Fox to go to her 6 year check up and then got both kids their flu shots, they weren't particularly happy with me.

10 - Got some hill runs in while waiting for Mini Fox's soccer practice to end, ended up being a pretty good workout in.

11 - Great way to end the day with dinner with friends.

12 - Full day of soccer, Mini Fox has her game at 11:30am while Baby Fox's game was at 5pm then take out at my favorite place.

13 - Baby Fox went to a birthday party, so we took Mini Fox and a friend to see Abominable, it was super cute and Mini Fox loved getting some time with just us.

14 - Love that our gym is next door to the kids piano class, so they get enrichment and I get to go workout.

15 - Mini Fox was Star of the Week this week at school, and today was family day, she got to show us off in her class, Baby Fox even left his class to come participate.

16 - Both kids had their parent teacher conference today both kids are doing great, learning a lot and their teachers love them, then we headed to my aunt and uncles to spend the night so we can catch our flight early in the morning. (airport we are flying out of is about an hour away from us, our flight was at 7am, yeah that's early for the kids to get up, Aunt and Uncle live 5 minutes from the airport).

17 - We're leaving on a jet plane, getting to see Curtis's family was so much fun!

18 - Mini Fox lived her best life and got to hang out with some horses for the afternoon and I'm pretty sure I've never seen her more in her element.

19 - It rained most of the day, but we still had a blast seeing my cousin play in the University of Washington game and he scored a touchdown, the kids did great sitting a quarter of the game in the rain and even though they lost, we still had so much fun.

20 - Last day in Seattle, one last breakfast with my aunt and uncle and saw Mr.'s dad one last night before taking off.

21 - Didn't go to work today, that's nice after coming back from vacation.

22 - New routine of my parents taking the kids to their church class, while I go to a circuit class then go pick them up, perfect evening.

23 - Back at my favorite workout class.

24 - Mini Fox didn't go to soccer today she had a slight fever and with it being 100° out, thought it would be best to stay home, we snuggled and watched TV instead.

25 - Kids Boo Bash (Halloween Carnival) at school and they outdid themselves, so much fun hanging with friends.

26 - One soccer game, followed by Baby Fox's belt for blue with a green strip, then Trunk or Treat at my parents church.

My dad was cooking the hot dogs, we snuck back into the kitchen to say hi.

27 - Friends Oktoberfest, was so much dang fun, I have amazing friends.

Still need to work on my front of the picture squat.

28 - 5K run while the kids were at piano lessons, I actually stopped at 3.16 miles...then realized how close I was and turned that treadmill back on.

29 - Man that workout was butt kicking, love how hard Karen pushes us.

30 - Normal Wednesday, soccer followed by my favorite workout class.

31 - Another Halloween in the books, lots of parades at the kids school, lots of candy and trick or treating and the kids didn't have school the next day makes for one amazing day.

Trading candy

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