Friday, November 20, 2020

Small Business Friday Favorites

Hi Foxy Friends! I thought that Holiday shopping is just around the corner and I thought I would share some of my favorite small, Mama run, shops that I support, and that I hope you will find something you like and will support too! In no particular order, because I love them all equally.

Shop #1

Re-Wine Bottle Works is a two sister, who are good friends of mine, that takes those bottle of wines you use, cuts off the top and makes them into candles. I had a 100 year anniversary wine bottle from my college from 10 years ago. I knew that one day I would find something to do with it. She's currently making it into a candle now, and she has so many scents to choose from! Here is her Etsy and here is her FB page.


My friend, Jackie and her husband, run a jewelry company called BEXO. She has the cutest stuff and is constantly making new stuff. I know for a fact that her and her husband make every piece of jewelry that they sell. She's been featured in OC fashion week and so much more. I have several of her pieces and they never tarnish, even just sitting in a drawer, like mine do. I am obsessed with these earrings, wear them a couple of times a week. She does a great job keeping up with IG, so go check her out and give her a follow!

This is the necklace I want next. They were sold out of the one I wanted, she has this necklace with a little charm hanging from it, I'm waiting for it to come back in stock so I can snag it up!


My friend from Junior High recently started selling Color Street, and I'm obsessed. I had another friend that sold it a couple of years ago, but she stopped doing it, so I didn't have a "dealer", but then my friend, Joanne, started selling it and Color Street has really stepped up their game! They now have overlays and so many more fun designs. Constantly coming out with new stuff. Go join Joanne's Facebook group  she is constantly doing fun giveaways and games for you to participate in. She has a montly drawing for just doing a nailfie in her group and for it being your birthday month. 

Look how cute these holiday nails are?

Clearly I need to step up my nailfie game.


Last but certainly not least are my bloggy besties. They've delved into the world of fashion and are taking it by storm! They have a shop in both Canada, Belong Lifestyle and Belong Lifestyle USA. They have some very unique pieces that I love! Like this t-shirt. I own this one and constantly get compliments when I wear it.

Belong Lifestyle USA is just opening up this past week or so, so give her some time to get the products on the website.

Go follow their FB for great ideas on how to style your clothing.

Belong Lifestyle Canada

Belong Lifestyle USA

I just love the message these ladies are trying to get out here. Love the skin that you're in and be you. Here is a little snippet from their website:

Be seen: We continually curate a size inclusive collection of apparel pieces to compliment your body and style today.

Be heard: Participate in our community book club, consignment collection, events and email insiders list. Your voice matters.

Be you: At Belong Lifestyle, we believe that every woman should feel comfortable, confident, current and creative in her own skin.

They also have some consignment, which is also so fun! 


My friend, Becky, sells Senegence. Which some of you may know as Lipsense. Join her facebook group and she gives you a bunch of tips and tricks and also has some good sales and deals. So much so, you just want to snag up all of it, which in my case I do! I haven't delved into their skin care line yet, but all in due time. Trying to use up what I have, then I might make the switch. I pretty much just wear their eyeshadow and lipsense only. It has the staying power and I just love it. If you know what you want, you can just order from her site.

My looks is:

Eyes: Bella Cream, Americano, French Roast, Bella Shimmer

Lips: Dusty Rose (my new favorite everyday color)

Cheeks: Plum Berry 

Also, incase you wanted to know the other stuff I'm wearing:

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

Foundation (color is 350)
Concealer for blemishes (color is Caramel)
Concealer for Brightening (color is Biscuit)
Eyelashes (magnetic!)
Eyeliner (color: Perversion)

Notice the small bit of earring you can see? It's from BEXO!


See the sweater in the above picture? It is from a small boutique local to me called Sweetly Striped. She does a live on her FB page every Tuesday and Thursday with all of her new products. She gives first dibs to her FB group before putting it on her website for everyone else. I'm obsessed with the grey jacket...but I need another jacket like a hole in my head. Who are we kidding, I'll probably break down and buy it is a link to the exact sweater I am wearing.

I love all of these Mama's and their shops, so go take a look at their products and support a Mama and her growing business. 

Happy Friday! Taking next week off which I'm so excited about!

Friday, November 13, 2020

Top 5 Favorite Gifts I've Bought For My Kids

Hi Foxy Friends! Today I'm sharing some fun things I've bought for the kids recently. Some will be Christmas Gifts and others

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

Favorite #1

Did you know that Target has sock Advent Calendars? Yep, your kids or yourself can open a different pair of socks each day. Not sure about your kids, but my kids LOVE socks, so this is going to blow their mind when they open them! 

I bought this one for Baby Fox

And this one for Mini Fox

Favorite #2

We're getting this for my son for his birthday (which is on Christmas Day). This is on the cheaper side and has pretty good reviews, of course you can always go more expensive, but I figure since they are using it for a go-cart, it doesn't need to be top of the line? At least that is my reasoning. Oh and it comes in 31 different styles and colors!

But wait, it gets better, if you're a little worried about them balancing and hurting themselves. You can convert the Hoverboard into a go-cart! What little kid doesn't want a go-cart?! It comes in 5 colors too!

Favorite #3

My daughter is OBSESSED with making her dolls both her 18" and barbie type dolls clothes. She typically uses tape to make her dresses and shirts. I figured that it's time for her to get her first easy to use sewing machine. At under $40 and pretty good reviews she is going to LOVE this!

Favorite #4

OH my gosh, did anyone else knew these LOL Mini Brands existed?!  Mini Fox is OBSESSED with finding things that we have that are miniature for her dolls/Barbie dolls. When I found out these were a thing, I went and bought 6 of them for stocking stuffers. Although I'm fairly certain not all 6 will fit in her stocking. She is going to FLIP when she sees that her Barbie can use the same ketchup that she uses. I guess there are 70 different mini brands that you can find within them. So I got her 30, hopefully we don't get too many repeats!
So of course I then had to go buy her this to go with her mini brands stuff. 

Favorite #5

Baby Fox is super into coding and science and this combines the two things...hey that's a win! It has great reviews and seems like everyone really likes it.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Kids Behind The Blog: Thanksgiving Edition

 Hi Foxy Friends! I saw my friend Danielle and Dara were hosting the Kids Behind the Blog series and had to join in on the fun! So let get started.

Baby Fox

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Or a different fall holiday? Thanksgiving

What is your favorite Thanksgiving (or fall holiday) tradition? When we go to see our cousins (but not this year due to COVID)

Best food to eat? Cranberry sauce and the turkey and the yams with marshmallows on top and corn on the cob.

Do you watch football? No, it would be cool, but no.

Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Or something else? Pumpkin pie definitely!

Mini Fox

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Or a different fall holiday?
We celebrate Thanksgiving.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving (or fall holiday) tradition? Going to our cousins house (but not this year *insert sad face*) 

Best food to eat? I think, the Turkey and the mashed potatoes and the corn...on the cob, with butter (funny we're never had that before for Thanksgiving).

Do you watch football? No, not really.

Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Or something else? Tough decision, oh wait, not a tough decision, totally pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Although this year will be a bit different, we're still going to have a great day and be Thankful for everything that we have and each other.

Friday, November 6, 2020

How To Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Hi Foxy Friends! I was talking to my mom today and she said hey, remember when we did that video on how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? I can't find it on our Youtube Channel (yep I have a YouTube channel with my mom, separate from my Youtube Channel). I thought, well I remember editing it, and low and behold, I had a completely edited and ready to upload video all set to go. I figure, well good thing she noticed now, we can upload this now, and it's still relevant.  So here is how you use what you have in your house to decorate your thanksgiving table!

We used things that she had around from previous Thanksgivings/ Fall decorations. Decorating your table does not mean you have to go out and spend a ton of money. I find that I like to add one piece here and there, and then over the years you get a different looking table, and only spending a minimal amount of money. Here is the video that we put together on the steps to create your own Thanksgiving table. Make it interesting, and put little things around the table for people to look at, like those turkey salt and pepper shakers or the scarecrow. Doesn't have to be uniform, the more unique the better!


Here is a close up of the table setting

And the table put together

Added a pumpkin for decorations, not that we're going to eat it :)

Gobble Gobble!


Thursday, October 8, 2020

Halloween Decorations

Hi Foxy Friends! Long time no see? I have all these ideas and I take pictures or videos and then never follow through. One day I'll have it together, but until then here are my Halloween decorations. I decorated my mantel for Easter...and then took the bunny stuff off and tried to make it Spring-ish, and then it just sat there until this weekend. Oops. I realize now how much I love having a decorated mantel so I'm going to be better and decorate it more. Okay so here's my mantel. 

But here's the process of getting there, thought I'd show you what it looks like for a good 2 hours before I finish...I thought this was bad and took a picture, but then realized after we had unpacked it all that I was missing a box...oops!

Then it turned into this...

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. Click here for my disclosure page.

The candles in the hurricanes are these ones. They are remote control timer (I have these but so many more have come out since I bought them 3 years ago, like these (which are wider than what I have) or these) you can set them for 4, 6, 8 or 10 hours. It's pretty awesome to have the lights come on and not have to remember to do it. The orange string lights are also on a plug timer (similar to this one, but this one works with Alexa and Google Home, which is pretty cool, might have to switch mine out)

I had enough decorations to also fix up the piano.

The tea lights are also a timer, but they don't have a remote, it's 6 hours on, 18 hours off, so you have to turn them on at the start of when you want them on, which is sort of nice you don't have to keep track of a remote control.

I found the little skull voltive holders at Michael's the other weekend. the sticks I found at Hobby Lobby last year when they were doing their get rid of all Halloween in November. They still had tags on them. The pumpkins are from the dollar section at Target. When you are doing your garland, try to find two different textures and layer them together. Gives it more dimension and something to look at and fill the gaps in a bit.

Mini Fox decorated this all on her own. She found a bunch of left over stuff, mostly the few Fall decorations I have. Not sure where the rest of it is...hmmm...I thin she did a pretty dang good job!

Then I made this porch sign last weekend. I'm obsessed with making them. Yet again another post/video I have made, but yet to edit and put day it will happen. But I did make a Tik Tok, go like it and say hi, will make my day!

Forgot about the bats, I made them on my Circut with removable vinyl. Mini Fox kept insisting we needed more, so I kept making more...

Then I have ONE Fall thing...usually I put the leaves and stuff under it, but Mini Fox wanted them for the front table. I still like it though. Got that sign at Hobby Lobby a few years ago, it was sitting at the check out line, someone didn't want it, their trash is my treasure right?

How have you been decorating for Halloween or Fall? We aren't sure yet what we're doing for Halloween, but we did pick up some costumes at Costco, can't beat those prices, especially since we don't know if we're going out or not. What are your plans for Halloween?

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Sentence A Day: August Edition

Hi Foxy Friends! I know it's been a while since I did sentence a day. I thought I should probably start documenting this time of life right now. I've taken tons of pictures, yet havne't posted anything in a while. I did write the April one and forgot to hit publish, so I just backlogged that one yesterday.  Thank you Rebecca Jo for starting this, it's such a neat way to document life. Also thank you Leslie for always sending out the reminders. This month I am trying to document how I felt, or something that made me feel happy, excited, sad, etc, instead of just recapping the day, since I have been doing weekly updates/documenting our quarantine journey.

1 - First time at the beach during the pandemic and I'm not mad about it, not sure why it took so long to go!

p.s. we've been quarantining with a couple of families, as I'm sure a lot of you have been too.

2 - Lazy day and movie watching is what Sunday's are all about.

3 - Birthday parade for a neighbor is always fun.

4 - National chocolate chip cookie days means you make chocolate chip cookies right?

5 - Mini Fox made a dance circle in my kitchen, not mad about it either, she's so cute.

6 - Love that Baby Fox went out back with his sister to play/teach her how to hit a baseball, adorable.

7 - Snuggles with the girl are the BEST and so are homemade bagels. 

8 - Got to meet up with my bestie for some social distance hangout, well we were, the kids were swimming.

9 - Made 30 lunches for the homeless, the kids got to do all the work, must do again next month.

10 - So hot after our walk today the kids jumped in the pool with their clothes on!

11 - The bug bite is getting worse...that's not good, I probably won't have to amputate. 

12 - Mini Fox has so much imagination, I love that she can make almost anything out of scrapbook paper.

13 - Found out our teachers a day early and we couldn't be happier with who the kids got,

14 - Night at home watching movies, perfect for a Friday night, oh and popcorn that's always a bonus.

15 - BEST DAY EVER - perfect day at the beach followed by a great dinner!

That's a dolphin, told you it was a perfect day!

16 - All set for the first day of school tomorrow. 

17 - First day of school success!

18 - Mini Fox made a laundry shoot after school today, pretty impressive.

19 - Volunteered at a friend's church food pantry/dinner service, will definitely be back.

20 - Working on making the perfect omelette...still in progress.

21 - Friday's call for In and Out and no cooking.

22 - Decided to finally clean out and organize my jewelry drawer, love how I can actually find things now and I did a project in the garage, stay tuned for that!

23 - Spent a good portion of the day trying to make Mini Fox's birthday lawn sign, was easier than I thought it was going to be, so that's good.

24 - We found a school pod to join, so happy for the kids to see other kids.

25 - Mr. took Baby Fox to golf for the first time, and he rocked it!

26 - Hey I put on make up today, that's a win, wanted to try out some new products I got.

27 - Love this silly girl of ours.

28 - Made lasagna tonight, so good, had to call mom to see how to end the layering process, haha!

29 - Another fantastic day at the beach and finding out a friend is moving to the neighborhood across from our, so excited about that!

30 - Really great birthday, filled with a walk with a friend, online church, lazy day and ending with my my favorite restaurant take out.

So stinkin' excited about my gift, I've been wanting one of these for years now!

31 - How is it September tomorrow?!

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