Friday, June 14, 2019

Weekly Favorites #18

Happy Friday Friends!  Hope you all had a great week. It's been a busy one over here with Mr. being gone most of the week. But we survived yet another Mr. business trip, it's getting easier, thankfully! So onto my weekly favorites.

Saturday morning we headed out to Baby Fox's first track meet. It's through the school and we competed against some of the other local elementary schools. While Baby Fox still has issues with his head on a swivel while running, the hurdles must be his thing. Can't really look around, gotta look straight so you don't trip, he came in first!

How cute are those little hurdles?

He also won 3rd in the frisbee throw.

Afterwards we headed to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical Play, it was so good!  A little dark, but the kids loved it. We got WAY better seats than when we saw CATS. So that was good, could see much better.

They roamed around, while I waiting in line for the candy bar. How cute are they?

Surprisingly it wasn't too expensive, finally something that was semi reasonable!

These two are just the cutest...yes she had to negotiate the hand hold, but she did it, and she was so happy to be holding brothers hand.

Full day already and it's not even over!

Afterwards we headed straight to a friends house for BBQ and swimming. These are my kind of peeps, food peeps, everything was so good!

It's so nice to not have to get in the pool when the kids are swimming any more.

Night swimming, isn't that what childhood is made of?

It was a birthday, although this BBQ wasn't for that, we made it, because everyone should be celebrated!

Phew and that was just Saturday!

Sunday we went to church and Mini Fox had her end of the year of Sunday school party. While we couldn't really stay for the party part, we did get to see her perform her songs before we had to leave.

After, Mr. took the kids to Little League day at Angel Stadium. The kids wore their uniform and they got to walk on the field. So cute.

Of course we've been having super cool weather and on this was 90+, yikes! Girl was just hot.

Haha, her face, so dang hot.

Following the cotton candy man around.

Happy kids, cotton candy and shade!

Then some dipping dots. Isn't that what ballgames are really all about, eating junk food?

This girl made it to the 6th inning. It's a long day, because they are standing in the sun for a good 2.5 hours before the game even starts!

Mr. left for his trip on Tuesday, which was nice having him here on the weekend and Monday. I got to work from home, which means I get to actually do Mini Fox's hair...this turned out super cute. And it stayed all day.

This kid is such a bookworm. He got a new book and devoured it in a day or so. Reading on the way to my allergy shots.

A little happiness in my week, finding candy from Charlie and the Chocolate factory in my purse, yes!

Baby Fox's last day of school was yesterday. I'm so proud of him, look how much he has grown up since the beginning go school, his baby face is little boy face, wahhhh!!! So is girl's, they are getting so big.

I got to attend his class party, since I can't volunteer in the classroom, I try to go to the few parties they have.

Water balloon fight, even though it was slightly chilly.

One last class picture before SUMMER!

Baby Fox with his teacher.

At our school they do this super cute clap out, where they create a tunnel and the teachers retiring and the kids graduating walk down as everyone cheers. Super cute.

Retiring teachers, I didn't realize one of Baby Fox's teachers was retiring (she taught once a week).

Then of course we got our last day of school treat:

So I was going through my drafts, I never showed you guy could I? Anyway, see what we're eating and what local things you should go check out.

You guys, I did my first ever Mukbang! Have you heard of it before? Basically you eat a lot of food and talk about whatever. So I joined Family Review Guide for our first ever Mukbang together, we're talking about our favorite places to visit in Southern California with kids. Come see what we're eating at our favorite Thai place, and where we like to take our kids.  

If you haven't seen this yet, watch it. I brought tears of joy and happiness, take that bullies!

Okay if you made it to the end, good for you! Sorry it was picture heavy, but since I don't maintain our other family blog, that I used to have, I put all of our pictures and memories here! Have a great weekend! For once we have absolutely no plans! We'll see where the weekend leads us.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Tea Subscription, Perfect Gift For the Hard to Shop For Person

Hi Foxy Friends! Sips by reached out to me and asked if I would review their tea box subscription. Mr. loves tea, of course he was in. If you don't know what Sips by is, it's a tea subscription service, where you fill out a profile and each month you get a sample of different kinds of tea. Mr. loves it because he doesn't have to buy an $8 box of tea to discover he doesn't like it. Here is what he wrote about it last month, his first box. This is what came in this months box.

He did say that he wasn't a fan of some of them, but he's happy to try all of them, and he does drink them all, even if he doesn't particularly like it. He doesn't like to waste anything, especially tea! Oh and I have to mention that he uses two tea bags every time he drinks tea. Have you see how big the cups he uses are? Here let me show you:

One in the middle is the size of normal coffee cup you get at a restaurant. The one on the left is the one he used for years, that is until he found the one the right and he's never looked back. To say hubby likes tea is an understatement. So which one did he like best? This one:

Perhaps  in the next couple of weeks I'll show you guys Mr.'s Coffee and tea station in our cupboards. He organized it, went to The Container store, okay I went and picked what I thought he would like, it didn't fit and then he saw the brand and did the shopping on his own. Hey I tried! This was the before though.

This would be a great gift for those hard to shop people where you don't know what the heck to get them. Father's Day is right around the corner, and when I say that I mean it's 3 days away...hop on it, go get the man in your life a tea subscription! I know Mr. loves his!

Thanks Sip by for sending us a box!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Let's Looks At: What's In Your Suitecase

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I'm so excited, we're going on vacation in less than a month! Here is what we're planning on bringing with us to HAWAII!!!

| ONE |  Snorkel Set

Yes it takes up space in the suitcase, but we would much rather have our own than borrow one, the thought of putting my mouth on something someone else has...shivers.

| TWO | Swim Suits

I've showed you in this post which swim suits I bought for the season. I'm loving all of them!

1- Top/Bottom / 2 /3 / 4 - Top/Bottom

| THREE | Swim Suit Cover Ups

I am wearing swim suit #1 from above in these pictures.

One / Two / Three

| FOUR |  Floppy Hat

I personally have this hat, but it's no longer available, so this one is a close second. I also like a good baseball cap that looks like its been through it all, but hasn't...this brand has a lot of good ones.

| FIVE | Sun Screen

Of course what's going into the sun without some sunscreen. This is my favorite for the face.

And I like this for the whole body.

| SIX | The kids need some new suits, so I got them these:

I like to try and get the kids bright colored things so I can see them easier when we are in a public pool.

Boy: Trunks

I also bought these flip flops and this rash guard

Girl: Suit / Rash Guard

I might have also gotten girl this bathing suit and these flip flops.

| SEVEN | Packing Cubes

I'm not sure about these, but they have been in my later cart for a few months, not sure if I should do it or not. When we pack our bags...okay when I pack our bags, I always distribute everyones clothes into both suitcases, especially if we are checking our luggage...perhaps I will divide up the clothes into days instead of one persons belongings together...hmmm...that's a how do you use your packing cubes?

These have patterns which I like, what's not to like about foxes? hehe.

These have over 1000 4.5 star reviews and comes with three laundry bags, which I really like...

These come with more packing bags and also have really good reviews.

What to do what to do...HELP! I have a few more weeks to decide! But wait...this one has almost 3000 5 star reviews, now that is saying something...and now you can see why I haven't actually bought any yet.

| EIGHT | Kindle

Gone are the days when you bring 5 books with you, now I have the Kindle. As much as I miss having a real book, I do like the ease of having a Kindle.

| NINE |  iPad with Case

Of course for the long flights we have the iPad and a kid friendly case.

| TEN |  Flowy Dress

I bought this dress on Amazon, and it was such a great price and it's perfect for those warm Hawaiian nights. When I showed my friends this dress, two of them bought it within the week and both love it.

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