Wednesday, March 22, 2017

White Pants Are Back and Pancaking Small Braids

Happy Wednesday Foxy Friends! Spring has officially sprung and that means pastels and white pants are back right? Even though I love my dark colors,  there is just something about white that makes me happy. Adding some bright colors to white pants makes for such an easy outfit.


I love doing simple and easy hair styles to complete my outfits. It doesn't take much time on my side, but I think always makes an outfit more complete. This one I just twisted two sides of my hair and tied them in the back. Half up dos just scream Spring to me.

Another week of my Hair 101 series, last week I showed you how to pancake a braid. This week is part two, an easy style for your newly found pancake braiding skill. I do this hair style when I have dirty hair, and just want it off my face. It's one of the most basic hair styles you can do. I hope you enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Talk: Let's Catch Up

Linking up with Ashley & Erika for...Tuesday Talk, where we get to talk about anything we want, hey I'm always up for talking about anything and everything.

I love a topic where we get to talk about anything and everything. This weekend was a blast, my Mother In Law came into town to help celebrate Mr. and it happened that the kids both had sports so she was able to catch both games. Of course the universe couldn't totally work out, and both kids games pretty much started at the same time. But we got her to both things, and she got to see them play, which made me happy.

Got a Kick out of this is a video of Mini Fox, the first kick off of the season, her very first time playing. The coach told her to stand right here, you know for the kick off...she took that literal and didn't move. It was the funniest thing ever! I can only imagine what it looked like live.

Happy about Spring, it's one of my favorite seasons of the year...mostly because we get lots of flowers blooming and pretty much always have something in the kitchen window.
We also get to start swimming...and this year I vow to get in the pool more.
Sad that my last allergy shot didn't go! I was on maintenance mode (meaning I only have to go in once a month, instead of twice a week), and I had a large reaction and now I have to go back to going a little more often...once a week, but still annoying as all get out.
This is about 10 hours after my shot and the itchiness lasted for about 10 days...not normal.  My other arm looked almost the same.
Happy that we've started going on double dates with people. We found a baby sitter we really like for when my parents can't help out and we're going out...woo hoo! We already have two more set up over the next few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago I was trying to get pictures of the kids in their Valentine's Day outfits (a little late, but needed to get it for the yearly calendar we give to the grandparents) and I have seriously never gotten so mad at Baby Fox. It was a rough day, then after that he was just being...arg! Sometimes this parenting thing is hard! See those two wet spots on Baby Fox's shirt? Yep where he wiped his tears...
Happy that I won't have to travel for work for a bit, at least I hope so, although I might have just jinxed myself...
Dreaming about going back to Utah to eat these donuts:
and see this view again:
Surprised that I still have 14 teams in out of 16 for my March Madness did that happen?

Annoyed at having to organize the messed up legos  sets...can I tell you how annoying it is to find one small round piece in that pile? At least Baby Fox and Elsa helped me a bit.

Grateful that this list contains more happy things then sad and unhappy things. What's been going on in your world?
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Three Tips to Balancing Work and Home Life

Before I start, go check out my post on The Blended Blog about being adopted and the most frequently asked questions I get.

Today I'm linking up with Shay and Erica for Workin' It Wednesday: this time we're talking about Balancing work/home life. This topic is so hard, trying to balance work and home life. Obviously you're working to provide for your family, but you don't want to work too much, so that you miss out on the everyday life. So here are my three tips to balance those two things in your life:

| ONE |

I leave work at home. I know I have it easier than most, but when I leave work I don't think about it, I don't ponder what happened at work, what I should have done different, who I should have talked to, who I need to email, etc, you know the list could go on forever. My mentality is that work will still be there when I am come back. The work/emails/phone calls will still be there, no on is going to die. I don't work in an E.R. where it is actually life and death. So unless someone is going to die, it can wait till tomorrow.

| TWO |

Enjoy the family time, I try to not be on my phone when we're doing things with the kids. While it's nice to constantly post to FB, IG, Snapchat, etc, I want to see the things happen in real life and take pictures, but I do not have to post to social media in that moment. I can do that when the kids are in bed.


 I take personal time off of work for the important things for the kids. I know not everyone can do this, but I will take days off of work or work half days so that I can go to all of the school functions for the kids. I know it's hard to do sometimes, but when and if I can I make an effort to do so. I know how much it meant to me as a kid to look up and see my mom or dad standing there in the audience.

| Bonus |

I do admit we other people help us out around the house, pool guy, gardener, someone cleaning. Our thought is, we don't have much time to spend after work and on the weekends, we don't want to spend it doing those things. Time with the kids is too precious. Plus knowing us, it would never get done. Keeping it real here.

That's how I balance my work and home life. What do you do to help balance it all?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites #108

Happy St. Patrick's Day Foxy Friends! Hope you are all wearing green, else consider this my virtual pinch. My first full week at work in a LONG time, I had been traveling so much that I never was working on Friday, good for those times, boo for this week. Anyway, let's jump right into it.

In case you missed it this week:

Monday: My Life In 5 Videos
Tuesday: Family Spring and Easter Outfits
Wednesday: Fun Floral Spring Dress
Thursday: The Store That Has Everything

I've also started a Hair 101 Series on my YouTube channel. This week I'm covering how to pancake a braid. If you have any other idea, let me know in the comments below!

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It was Mr.'s birthday this past Wednesday. He didn't want a big party...and swore to me that if I threw a surprise one that he would have it in for I didn't. I was good and we laid low. On Tuesday we went to my parents for his favorite meal my mom makes, lasagna...which of course I forgot to take a picture of. I did however take one of Baby Fox preparing the bread...he was very particular how the olive oil was administered.

Mini Fox is really into crafts and being an artist, as she says, and made Mr. a birthday crown. She cut all of that up, put it together by herself and then presented it to Mr. So darn cute.

On his actual birthday he just wanted it to be us 4, so we went to our favorite Mexican place and chowed down and then came home to some homemade carrot cake, recipe coming soon.

Everyone was done was done with selfies, but got one of the birthday boy and the kids at least.

I'm joining Desiree, Stefanie, Justine and Whitney for their new link up called A Year Of Color. Each month they want us to showcase the color of the month, however you want to represent that. This month is green, obviously.

I thought this month's color for green was perfect, I mean it is St. Patty's Day! Today I'm sharing the picture I'm going to use for our year family calendar. It seems like it gets harder and harder to get pictures of the kids each month...come on kids work with me here!

Linking up with The Blended Blog for some Friday Loves.

First up is my girl Cara, she's got it all going on, and she's a pro at make up for beginners, seriously she has the best tips. This week she talks all about color correcting. I've always wondered about it, but never done anything with it, because...well, lazy. But look no further, she's got it all written out and ready at your finger tips.

Christy was this weeks host on The Blended Blog's Tasty Tuesday, and she introduced me to my newest NEED, yes I said need, I NEED this french fry cutter.

 And of course some videos I've been loving lately

How cool is this? What happens to water in space.

You have to watch this's hilarious! And somewhat true when you're sort of first starting out doing make up, LOL. I definitely have been the victim of the, the sales lady is super pretty and intimidating, I'm going to buy this so she just goes away, hehe.

What?! This girl is 3!! She is Mini Fox's age...I can't even...

Hope you all have a great weekend! My Mother in Law is coming into town to help us celebrate some more and we're headed to a soccer game (Mini Fox) and a baseball game (Baby Fox), and of course the two games are at the exact same time...happy weekending!
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Picket Fence: A Baby Store and More

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed below, however, are always 100% my own and a reflection of my thoughts on the product and company.

Hello Foxy Friends! I recently discovered a store called Picket Fence: Baby Stores Pittsburgh that has a little of everything. They say they are a baby store, but in all reality they have so much more. When they asked me to pick something out, it was so hard to pick just one thing, I really wanted it all! I ended up picking this tunic, for all of you tall gals out there, this is what you need, it's super long and oh so comfy.

See how long it is?

See a little too long for me, I think, so I ended up tucking it in and just love how it looks, super comfortable and light weight, perfect for the Winter/Spring transition. I threw on some white pants to bring out the color and make it feel a tad bit more Spring.

Tucked all the way in

Half tuck for the win.

If I had all the money in the world this is what I would buy from them. Seriously cuteness overload.

My Top Baby Choices

My Top Kid Choices

Home Items

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Don't forget to check out my Hair 101 series on my Youtube Channel, so far we've covered, How to Use a Bobby Pin, How to Tease Your Hair and How to Pancake Your Braid.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Floral

Happy Hump Day Foxy Friends! It's all down here from here right? We changed the clocks this weekend, which means longer warmer days are coming. So sorry if you're stuck in the middle of the horrible snow storm...but I thought I would share a recent purchase from Old Navy, like I got it in the mail, threw it on and took pictures kind of recent.

*Some of the links are affiliate links and I will  either receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you click on it or if you make a purchase from one of these links, I may also receive a commission on the sale of the product. By purchasing through Foxy's Domestic Side, you're helping me to continue creating fun things for this space.

I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of this dress this Spring and Summer. I've been looking for something floral, and I finally found it.

The shoes are no longer available but these and these are similar.

The earrings I chose are a gift from a Andrea for my birthday.

We're in the third week of my Hair 101 series, and today I'm bringing you something a little more complicated, than bobby pins and teasing your hair. I'm going to show you how to pancake your braid. I know, seems complicated, but trust me it's not. It just takes some patience and the know how and you'll be set to go. In full disclosure, while editing this video I realized it was getting too long so I split it into two videos. The first part is how to pancake your braid, and the second one, is an easy hair out of your face hair style you can do with a small pancake braid, I do this mostly when I have day 3 hair of no washing.

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