Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Floral Dress

Hi Foxy Friends! After taking a week off, I'm back with another outfit. This time I decided to style a dress, and to make it a little more "winter" appropriate, I added some OTK boots. Which I am completely obsessed with and love!

I am loving this dress, it is a little shorter than I would normally wear, but it's perfect for a girls night out or a date night. It's the perfect little dress for under $30!

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Dress / Boots (similar)

I used this curling wand (1" wand) to curl my hair, plus this heat protectant, and this hairspray.

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The lip color is Lipsense - Mulled Wine / Eye Shadow Palette / Eye Liner / Eye Lashes / Blush

 Now let's see what you've been styling. Link up down below.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day In The Life

Last year I sporadically linked up with Kristin for her Daily Dime, and I thought I would really try to do it this year and be more consistent.  So here we go, I picked yesterday to document, mostly because I forgot I was doing this post and I happened to work from home yesterday, so I thought, hey I've never documented that before. So here we go.

The reason I was working from home was because I had a doctors appointment and Mr. had the day off for Presidents Day (I did not), so this is a doubly weird day for us.

I wanted to get up at 6...but being sick I needed the extra sleep.

The view from my bedroom "office" aka a card table set up in our sitting area.

I loved hearing the kids help out with chores, they knocked on the door and needed to come get the work down the stairs.

Lunch with Mr., I was working, so I threw on some clothes, no make barely brushed hair...

We had to stop and get gas. Please ignore those bags under the eyes, hence why I need concealer, haha.

Talked to my cousin while driving to my allergy appointment, the conversation lasted 15 minutes.

When I got to the doctors...this is the view of the walk...oops the power just went out...waiting 30 minutes for them to! Now I have to come back and I was hoping to get some better meds for my sinus stuff. It was a really creepy walk.

I worked a bit more then headed to gymnastics for Mini Fox and Trampoline class for Baby Fox.

Some friends were driving through and needed a break from the traffic before heading home, I grabbed some Chick-Fil-A  and then the boys (yep including Mr.) got in a Nerf war, while the mommy's talked and watched. The girls were playing dolls else where.

To end the night this guy needed some surgery on his wing, so I stitched him up.

Now I need to go print off a picture of Shaun White for Baby Fox's report and then shower and bed. So that is a random Monday around these parts. Really random since a friend and two of her four kids came over. But really nice to see them, they live about 125 miles north of us, so we don't get to see them all too often.

Join in next month! I think she's going live March 14th.
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Monday, February 19, 2018

$10 Target Haul: February Edition

Happy Monday Foxy Friends! I'm back with the $10 Target Haul link up! It's fun to go into Target and try to find what you can get for $10. I found mostly Valentine's Day things, so even though V-Day was last week, let's roll with it.

I am obsessed with Swedish Fish, and the little ones taste better than the bigger ones. They came out with littl heart shaped ones, and they taste like the little ones...SO dang good. I tried to go back to Target on February 15th, to get the left overs, but there were none...actually all of the Valentine's Day stuff was cleaned up already and the shelves were complete empty...heart breaking...okay, not really but I was super disappointed.

I haven't had the energy to decorate, and I don't have many Valentine's Day things, so I thought the little banner would be cute. Then  Mini Fox and a friend did the rest of the decorating. It's a hodge podge, but they made most of it, and I love it.

Mini Fox painted the background of that sign, and then a friend did the saying because they both love that movie...points to anyone who knows the movie!

I was going to use the cupcake stuff for a treat for Mini Fox's preschool, but they said no treats, then I was going to do fruit cups...but that never happened. So I guess I'll be ready for next year.

So what did you get for $10? Link up down below!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites #151

Happy Friday Foxy Friends! So happy it's Friday. We're getting together with some friends for dinner tonight, and I'm making a Butternut Squash Lasagna. I'm going to try to take pictures and do a post on it. We'll see how much time I have to do that. Anyway, let's get started:

Monday: 10 Memories With Mr.
Tuesday: Meet My People
Wednesday: Valentine's Day Photo Shoot
Thursday: Grocery Haul

So far this year I'm on a roll with the YouTube videos. Please go check out my channel and subscribe, it would mean the world to me! Any videos you want to see? What are your favorites to watch?

Last Thursday went out for a much need MNO. We went to this upscale bar, that we equated to the bar the people go to after they get divorced and are newly single? Or young girls trying to get older sugar daddy's? Yep...all of the above.  But it made for great people watching.

Friday we left for the mountains with some friends, much needed time away with great friends. So much fun, hope we can do this more often!

When we got up there, we got some lunch and then headed to the park before....

Hitting up Snow Tube slopes. But first a picture with Mr. Bear.


It was night tubing, so this was the only picture we got before it got too dark. We left just before the masses got there, as soon as they started closing down some of the runs because they were too dangerous, we figured it a win that no one got hurt and left.

A little Twister before bed.

Saturday while the littlest was napping, took the kids to the park.

Then we went on a small walk/climbing adventure.

Yep they all got up there on their own...through that channel...

Then made their way up to the top of there...I might have had several heart attacks trying to figure out where they were.

Lots of Olympic watching happened...we might have even found Mini Fox's sport...2020 here she comes!

Kidding, she's much for of a luger or slopestyle snowboarder.

When we got back on Sunday, Mr. studied for some tests and I took the kids to In and Out.

The kids get stickers...and this is what Baby Fox did...

I asked him why everyone was sideways and he said "because they just had an earthquake"...haha, so funny, I don't even think he's even woken up for an earthquake before. We had one a few weeks ago and both kids slept right through it.

We love watching the Olympics, especially the snowboarding events. Chloe Kim, hadn't heard of her until last Friday when we started watching the Olympics, but watching her win gold, amazing! And this story I found...made me tear up. What sacrifices parents make for their kids, and I would do it over and over again if I had the chance.

Who else is obsessed with watching? Happy weekending! Talk to you Monday when we have $10 Target haul. If you can, jump on over to Target, find $10 worth of stuff and report back and link up with us!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sprouts and Costco Weekly Grocery Haul

Hi Foxy Friends. I always see people doing grocery hauls and thought I would do one too. So here is my haul for the week.

Receipt breakdown:

Grocery cost in California


Cara Cara Oranges: (0.52 lb) - $0.51
Clementines (2 lb bag) - $1.98
Green Grapes (2.36 lb) - $7.06
Organic Spring Mix - $3.49
White Onions (1.12 lbs) - $.86
Peaches (1.79 lb)  $3.54

2 can organic black beans - $1.98
Organic Fruit O's cereal - $3.99
2 Organic Chili Mix packets - $2.98
Organic Prune Juice - $7.99
Organic Pear Juice - $4.49
2 cans tomatoes - $3.38

Organic Milk - $5.99 (on sale)

Smoked Gouda - $3.26

Xtra lean Ground Beef - $7.74

Total: $59.44


2 Mediterranean Salad Mix - $5.99 each
Raspberries - $7.49
Premiere Chocolate Protein Shake - $19.99 (on sale)
Chicken Packets - $12.39
Salmon - $21.61

Total: $73.46

So what do you think? Should I keep doing this? Do you like the receipt breakdown? Tell me in the comments if I should make this a series.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

$150 Valentine's Day Cash Giveaway

Hey Foxy Friends! I have a Valentine's Day Giveaway for you! I know who couldn't use $150 cash?! If you're already following me on social media, then you have a few entries, so those are free! So what are you waiting for? Go enter!

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Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Foxy Friends! Happy Valentine's Day! I decided to take a break on outfit post today to bring you my cuties. I saw this tutorial on Danielle's blog about creating bokeh hearts. I knew I wanted to try this out for Valentine's. When the kids were born, I was all about creating themed pictures for the kids...

Baby Fox 2011

Mini Fox and Baby Fox 2014

This year I decided to do another photo shoot for Valentine's day since it's been a while. I'm so excited how it turned out.

I love how they came out! Now to figure out how to use this same method for St. Patrick's Day.

Now go enter to win $150 Cash giveaway just for Valentine's Day. Click here for details.

Now for the link up. Link up your fashion posts below!