Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Life of Lates

I haven't done any outfit posts lately because...well I feel like a big fat whale. Okay not really, but nothing really fits and with the morning sickness came the "don't touch or even look at me funny, I might puke" feeling. So anything constricting on my stomach was a no-no. So I've been left to wear the same dresses and cardigans every single day, week after week. Nothing to write home about, I've saving your eyes, really.

This pregnancy is so different from the last one. Last time I was hoping and praying I would be one of those girls that went up a cup size or two, but no dice, I nursed for 14 months and nothing, same size as before. But this time, holy cow, I think I need a new to decide which one to get.

Last night we went to Mastro's Ocean Club in Newport Beach for our anniversary. Yum, yum! We had a friend watching Baby Fox, and we just sat, enjoyed our meal without being rushed. So nice! This was our view, well not exactly our view, this picture was taken from the website, but we got to stare at the ocean the whole time during sunset, it was perfect.

Baby Fox has such a great sense of humor. The other day Mr. was taunting him because Baby Fox couldn't quite reach Mr. with his stick kid hands. Baby Fox thought this was hilarious and was laughing all while trying to get Mr. Then all of a sudden, Baby Fox stops laughing and says "Come Closer" and does that hand gesture to go with. Both Mr. and I busted out laughing, like where did that come from, and it was slightly creepy the way Baby Fox said it. Love that kid.

Cause every tractor needs a dinosaur driving it and another one being chased by it. See all those dinosaurs lined up in the background? I don't think this kid has enough dinosaurs....riiiight!
Baby Fox got bumped to the next level of swim class, which means, no more getting in the pool with him anymore. Just him another student and a teacher. He's totally ready, but I don't think I'm ready for my baby to be swimming. Perhaps Baby Fox needs another nickname. Naaaawww, he'll always be my baby!

What's been going on in your life? Anything random?


  1. wow the views from that restaurant are gorgeous. what did you two order? congrats on baby fox being bumped up into the next swim class :-)

  2. Ah, sorry you aren't feeling well (and isn't is odd how your body reacts different to each baby?) and happy belated anniversary!