Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Random Wednesday

Can I just be a professional juror? I mean seriously, we don't start until 9am on most days, get a break at 10:30am, get lunch from 12pm-1:30pm, get another break at 3pm, and then leave for the day around 4:15pm. Seriously? What a life, you sit there listen to some interesting stuff, get to see Law and Order play out in real life. Okay so it's not really that action packed and stuff, but it is sort of cool when the judge says sidebar and all of the lawyers go up to this desk to quietly whisper about stuff we're not supposed to hear. I could get used to this life...mostly the sleeping in part.

We're on a break for the rest of the week and will resume next week, get to miss another 4 days of work next week, heck ya! I love being able to actually stay up with my husband and watch more than 30 minutes of tv. It's awesome I tell ya.

Over the weekend we went to the farmers market and I can't tell you how cute a toddler is trying to consume a ginormous strawberry. I personally think it's because he was able to walk in the street by himself, which normally we don't let him. He was having a ball, and eating a ton of fruit, nothing could be better in my book.

and of course we didn't have any napkins on us...luckily we did have some wipes, it took approximately 10 wipes to un-stick-afy him. But worth it with how much he was enjoying the strawberries. Yep that's me and my small belly behind him.

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