Friday, July 26, 2013

Construction Themed Party

As promised here are the details to Baby Fox's 1/2 birthday construction themed birthday party.

When I picked the construction theme for Baby Fox's party, it didn't dawn on me how hard it was going to be to find things to fit the theme. I searched Party City, nothing, which meant I was going to have to make stuff and scour the internet. I found some cute things on Etsy, but they were printables, which is great, but I didn't really want to use that much ink from my printer. But on Amazon you can buy some signs, but I knew I wanted a lot, so I wanted a cheaper option. So I decided to make all of my own signs.

I made all the signs using my Cricut, if you don't have one, go get one now! It saved me money on this party big time! I'm going to go ahead and assume this baby is going to save me some more down the road.
I bought some silk type ribbon to string up the banner, and some painters tape to stick it to the wall.

 Sticking with our taco theme, the two orange signs say "Taco Construction" and "Nacho Building"

I bought some caution tape from Home Depot for $6. The orange sign says "Mouths Loading"

Yes we alternated the orange and yellow napkins by hand, it didn't come that way.

Close up of the "tools". If anyone wants the Word document I made to make the "tools" tags, shoot me an email, I'll send it to you.

Being 31 weeks pregnant we decided to go easy with the food and get tacos from a local place. We got pork carnitas, chicken and beans, a can of nacho cheese and chips so people could make supreme nachos or tacos, totally easy, I highly reccomend it. 

I took this picture before the guacamole and sour cream were put in the bowls

The signs are held up by wrapping  few small square boxes with a slit in them. I also figured that not all kids were going to like tacos, so we did have hotdogs available for the kids, along with that gorgeous fruit display. All the fruit was gone by the end of the party. 

*Tip - Party City sells those black tongs and spoons for very little. Go get them, they're washable and you can take them to the next potluck and not have to worry about getting them back.

I forgot to take a picture of where we put the part favors.

I had two different favors. I bought these construction duckies, for the smaller kids coming, and I bought the little dinosaur toys from the $1 bin at Target, even though it was $3 for 4.

For the older kids I bought this poster with the below tag attached. And then I bought some crayons from Big Lots and put them in it's own little bag with a Thank You tag. Those little construction pictures on the bottom, I got from this free printable. I actually used Photoshop Elements to put everything together, but the pictures came from that printable.

I bought some clear plastic bags from Micheal's for $2 ish  (using my 40% off coupon), then made these tags and stapled the goodies inside. Looked like I bought it like that, but nope, I made them.

Let's move onto the drink table. I unfortunately don't have any close ups. But the "Birthday Zone" tape was bought off of amazon. I bought that little orange bucket with the Gold Fish at Hobby Lobby for $3. I bought a bigger orange oval bucket that was holding the thank you toys in it for $6 at Hobby Lobby.

The wheel barrel holding the Capri Sun was bought from Big Lots for $5. There was ice/water in there, but you can't really see it in this picture.

Some of the signs I made I ended up buying some wood stakes at Home Depot (I think it was 12 for $6).

 Since it was a swim party, I made signs that said "Caution Kids Swimming" and "No Life Guard on Duty"

There was more signs I made that were out front, but I completely forgot to take pictures. I made a sign that was about 12 x 20 that had an arrow and said "Party in Progress" and 12x12 "Kids Zone"

And no party would be complete without cake right?

I decided since it was a half birthday I would make half of a birthday cake and then with the left over cake batter I made some cupcakes so there would be enough for everyone. I wanted to try and get the dump truck to look like it was dumping out cupcakes, but it didn't workout.

A friend bought some construction candles from a bakery shop. I used crushed up Oreo's for the "dirt".

*Tip - Put Oreos in baggie, use rolling pin to roll the heck out of the suckers. You basically have to keep rolling until all of the cream in the cookie gets absorbed into the cookie. I used a sandwich baggie, but I should have used a bigger one, made it harder to really get things combined.

And all of this made many happy and full guests.

And a very happy 1/2 Birthday boy!

Now you have all the ingredients for a great construction themed birthday party! Hope you have as much fun planning as I did!

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  1. SO CUTE!! I love the cake & cupcakes....can I just have a construction themed dinner/desert tonight?? :)))

  2. Super cute party theme! You did an excellent job and I'm super impressed that you pulled off such a fab party at 31 weeks preggo! I'll be 33 weeks on Monday and all I want to do is kick my feet up and! - Angela

  3. Themed birthday parties as fantastic as they are, just like his.. are exactly why I better not have children. Chuck-e-cheese is as fancy as I will get.

  4. What a fun birthday party. You did an AMAZING job! I had the same theme for my baby shower a few years ago. Love it!