Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Heart Chalk Board

Remember this?

Wondering where I got those heart chalk boards? Well wait no further, I'm going to tell you how I did it right now. It's super easy, don't I always say that? But really, it is.


Wood Heart Boards (got from Micheal's in the wood craft area) - Less then $3
Fine grain sand paper - I already happened to have this
Colored paint - unless you want to go with the wood look, I had left overs from this project
Chalk board paint -  less $10 at Home Depot

What do do:

Step 1:

Sand the heart, there were a few rough edges on mine, and I wanted a good surface for painting.

All ready to go

Step 2:

Paint the heart, or whatever shape you chose. I painted the sides and the top on the first round, waited for it to dry

then painted the backside

All finished

Step 3:

Use the chalk board paint to paint the front surface

All done with one, now to finish the others 

Tips: I should have been more patient and really waited to start a second coat, but I wasn't and had some drippings of the chalk board paint. So I had to go over some of the spots with the regular paint color. Be more patient then me.

Follow the direction of the chalk board paint, wait for the given amount of time and then color the surface of the chalk board with chalk, erase and you're good to start writing messages.

We have these as the center piece of our kitchen table, with different messages to read, depending on how we're feeling.

Now go out and make your own cute chalk board hearts!

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  1. what an adorable project and such a cute way to announce baby fox #2 is on its way. thanks for sharing i just bought my first bottle of chalkboard paint and have a project i need to work on stat!