Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

My brother and Sister-In-Law came to visit us this weekend! It was the first time they met Mini Fox, so we were all excited. They drove out from Vegas Friday evening, so we didn't see them until Saturday morning.

First things first, Friday, Mini Fox got her two month shots, insert sad face here. This was taken before we went to the doctors. She had no idea what was coming, poor thing. After the doctors we headed off to Costco, yep, I concurred Costco with two kids...luckily one of them slept the whole time, and that my friends was the last time she slept until Daddy got home. Luck for me Daddy was not fatigued from a crying, shot ridden baby, and suggested some Tylenol for the feverish, crying baby, it worked like a charm. Note to self, give baby girl some Tylenol after her shots.

Saturday my Bro and SIL came to visit, yay! They fell in love instantly

Mr., Bro and SIL took the dogs (theirs not ours) and Baby Fox to play at the park. Baby Fox wore out the dogs and they came home because the dogs were tired, not Baby Fox, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Then we headed to lunch at Whole Foods. I thought this was a pretty good self portrait taken by me.

Bro and SIL spoild Baby Fox by buying him a cupcake, yum!

Then we went home for naps and dinner at Kings Fish House, SIL and Mom double fisting it, in reality, they ran out of Martini glasses so they got two smaller glasses.

Baby Fox helping Ampa (aka Grandpa) to the car. My dad got his knee replaced last week and is in recovery with an old man walker, I told him to complete the look he need some tennis balls on that walker of his.

And this little girl turned 2 months!

Sunday we took a walk to breakfast, Baby Fox walked the whole 0.6 miles there, granted most of it was down hill.

Then we came home and all three cars got washed. I have to thank Baby Fox at this time because he insisted they clean Mommy's car too. Thank You Baby Fox!

Baby Fox's dump truck also needed a wash.

And this girl did this part of the time

All in all it was a great weekend! Can't wait for next weekend, we have Mr.'s family coming into town!

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  1. I can't believe mini fox is 2 months already! Where does the time go!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. What a fun weekend! Isn't it great when you have family come and they get to spoil the little one's and provide some relief to mommy and daddy?! Mini fox is just too adorable with those big rosy cheeks!!

  3. Ugh shots Re the worst. I feel like crying every time A gets them :(

  4. Poor babes and their shots. BUT HER CHEEKS. OMG. I just die over and over.