Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

I'm awake, yes it's 8:45am, but I'm awake. I've been awake since 6:30am, not cool. Okay it is cool that Mini Fox slept from 12:30 to 6:30am, but then took an hour to fall back asleep, at which time I thought...hell with it, might as well get up. And now all I can think about...when is naptime? Good thing she's doing this right now:

This picture was taken on Sunday, this is not her sleeping right now.
I have a shopping addiction, I've gone to the mall three days in a row...yes THREE, no wait, I'm going back to day so make that 4! I have a problem, I've been to Old Navy three times, Gymboree 6 times, no joke (long story short, I worked the system and saved $50 in a round about way, hence the 6 trips.) Mr. gets an extra paycheck this month and you better believe I am spending it as we speak. Mini Fox has proven to be a good shopping partner.

I did, however, find our outfits for our Christmas card, which we're taking pictures Thanksgiving weekend, I was stressed to the max, but I figured it out and it's all going to work out. I have faith. The whole outfit is based around this baby. I'll give you a clue, I spent more money on the kids outfits then ours. Go figure.

And just cause we can...chubby bunny :) remember doing that as a kid?

Don't worry, we did it with Baby Fox too :) He didn't have quite as much cheek to work with though.

and that's all I have for this random Wednesday!

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