Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Work It!

I got cleared and am working out again, yay! Let me tell you, the Double Bob is a freakin' beast! Seriously, it takes so much arm strength to just push it a foot, I might die.

My first week working out again was last week, I am part of this thing called Stroller Strides, it's a great way to socialize with other Mom's and get a great work out in. This isn't some sissy workout, it's hard core, especially on Friday with this lady. Everyone knows Friday is a great workout before the weekend, she teaches several different workout classes around town and is an awesome motivator.

End of class ab workout, yep, I was taking pictures while others were doing abs, the three ladies standing on the left, are pregnant and due soon, I give them a pass.

Last Friday all the kids dressed up and we did a little parade and stroller trick or treating, I think Baby Fox is the cutest one out there, I might be biased though. Mini Fox was in costume, but she slept through the whole thing.

Me and my Zebra

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