Monday, September 7, 2015

August In Numbers

For those reading on Monday Happy Labor Day! I hope that you're relaxing and enjoying your day off, gotta love three day weekends! For those reading on Tuesday, I hope you had a relaxing three day weekend and are ready to tackle this short week. I wanted to link up with Deena for her numbers link-up.  So here ya go, my August in numbers.

18 - The number of allergy shots I got this week

2 - The number of hikes I went on this month


12 - The number of miles on those hikes

2200 - The number of miles I drove, minus the around town stuff, which probably adds up, but those are the significant miles I could count.

5 - The number of old high school friends I got to see at a baby shower. I'm so happy that we are still in contact and can help each other these huge life milestones.

7 - The number of days Mr. was at his school orientation. But he had a blast and brought the kids home a little friend.


35 - The number of selfies I took this month
That's not true, remember this picture?

Yea it took four locations and several different angles at each location...I wish I was joking.

106 - How many pictures I took for this one picture.

And with that I can't think of any other interesting things to write about, plus it's super late, and I'm ready for bed. Hope you have a great Labor Day!

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