Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hair Challenge Announcement

Happy Thursday, one more day of work, woo hoo! So I can finally officially make the announcement that Vanessa and I are doing a hair challenge. We both decided that we're tired of our hair down/pony tail rut and that we were going to try to do our hair everyday for a week.  Enter the Hair Challenge:

Hey what do you think of the graphic, my first one's hard being creative...Major props to Deena for constantly doing great graphics for all of the Style Me Bloggers soon to be The Blended Blog graphics.

I knew this was coming up, so I practiced the other week in preparation for this...I can do this!

I bought these*bobby pins and hair texture spray* (apparently they're pretty awesome according to this lady). I have used the hair texture once and OMG it's amazing. I have really straight and slippery hair, no hair styles stay on me, but using this spray gives my hair some texture so the hair style has something to grip to, it's amazing.

The only real problem that I see is that my hair is blackest of black, so it's going to be really hard to see it in pictures (see above), but I'll do my best to show you. I've contemplated taking video of me doing my hair...mess ups and all, what do think? Along with pictures of course.

Anyway, join us in this hair challenge, even if it's just one style, get out of your hair rut and get to styling! These are the ones I'm thinking of trying:

The Knotted Waterfall

The Crochet Braid

The Braided Halo

So join us on this hair challenge journey. Even if it's just one style, at least it's one day of non-boring hair. It's amazing how I felt so much more put together, with just putting my hair in a messy bun.

Now you have two weeks to try a few hair styles. I'm aiming for 5-7 (since I have next week off, going to try and wake up before the kids to do it). We're doing a link up on September 16th with any hair styles that you do, and of course if you do something #hairchallenge2015 on IG or Twitter so we can see all the awesome hair styles as you go! See you on IG/Twitter and on the 16th!

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