Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fun Filled Labor Day Weekend

Baby Fox's first day of school on Friday. I took the day off so I could walk him to school, does anyone else do that too? I hope I'm not the only one that does that. In case you can't read that, he wants to be a captain of a cruise ship. I have no idea where he got the cruise ship part.

Mr. took the morning off so we could both walk him to school.

After school I took him for an afternoon treat. He was so excited. Funny story, he had to use the restroom a few bites in, so we had to leave the yogurt on the table and he said, but they might throw it away, and I said they won't throw it away. Sure enough we come out of the bathroom and the lady had thrown it away. Baby Fox then says, See I told you that would happen! The lady gave us some free yogurt, so Baby Fox was happy once again.

And then a miracle happened and I got to go to Costco by myself...let me tell you a Friday at 2:30, does NOT mean an empty Costco...it means everyone on the face of the planet is there...don't you people work?!

Baby Fox decided that he wanted to spend the night at my parents house, so off he went to their house. We rarely get time with just Mini Fox, it was a nice treat. After naptime, we did a family trip to get dinner, I had to pick up some allergy stuff at the pharmacy and Mini Fox joined me...

Then she pretended to be sleeping....twice.

Saturday, I went on my usual hike, I love that hike, but I might have to cut back on it a bit. It's too early to wake up like that 6 days a week, I need some more sleep! But I'll do it when I feel like I've gotten more sleep during the week. Perhaps I should get more than 4-5 hours a sleep a night...

Baby Fox was still at my parents house, having a ton of fun, we decided to get out the shopping cart that used to be Baby Fox's for Mini Fox...she loved it, and pretty much wouldn't let it out of her sight the entire weekend.

We had some friends over Saturday night, swimming and BBQing...what could be better.

Mr. wanted tri-tip, it was delicious.

The friends we had come over had a couple of extra tickets to the Angels game the next day, so Mr. and Baby Fox went and did that bright and early Sunday morning.

But first the two boys helped Mini Fox down the stairs, it was so cute.

Mr. said he did this for the first two innings.

I assume it's our friends ipad, since we don't have one really, but when it ran out of battery, Baby Fox looks up at Mr. and says, it's out of juice, now what? haha.

Well he shared his cotton candy, after I guess he ran after the guy to get the last one. She's eyeing his cotton candy...

He was a good sharer.

Mean while, Mini Fox and I played some more with her cart.

And then went to church and had our customary donuts afterwards.

outfit change after breakfast, she made a mess of the first one, and it wasn't really a church outfit anyway.
We did a few errands after church, she insisted that we bring doggy in with us.

After the boys got back and Mini Fox got up from her nap, we did a quick grocery store turn. Mini Fox said that her shoes hurt, and Baby Fox was trying to fix the problem, it didn't work...

So he held her hand until we got home to make her feel better.

But then when they wanted to help bring in groceries, he pawned his off on her

She seemed more than happy to oblige

Then I finally got out the chalk board he's been asking for all weekend. Both were happy campers.

Monday was Labor Day, and your pretty much required to have a BBQ right?

I didn't get to the hamburgers fast enough, and they all got eaten before I could get there. Lots of swimming.

I think this girls loves herself some cupcake.

Debating on what to do with her hands. Ultimately she decided to eat it.

It was a great weekend with lots of fun friends. I love that we have a pool that everyone can enjoy.
How was your three day weekend?
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