Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Juice Box Valentine's Day Robot

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay not quite yet, but this is what Baby Fox is going to be giving all of his school friends. I wanted to give you plenty of time to gather the supplies so you can make the same things for your kids friends. I had been seeing all of the robot juice boxes around. You know the ones, with the juice box and then the apple sauce container upside down for the head and some sort of candy for the arms, and legs and sometimes some small raisin boxes. I decided to do a juice box robot as well, but with a small twist. So let's get started.

Materials Needed:

Any boxed juice will do, this is a pack of 8 from Walmart for $2.50

I found these small Rubik's cubes for $0.60 each at Party City, you'll need one for each juice box.

I found these slinkys for $0.40 each, also at Party City, you'll need two for each juice box.

Then the normal small size KitKats, $3.00 for a whole bag, so you get lots of left overs, win in my book.

Things not pictured: you'll need a glue gun.


Step 1:

Put a small dab of glue, just under the tab where the box folds. You want a small dab so that the kids are able to get the slinkys off and play with them!

Obviously add one to the other side too.

Step 2:

Add another small dab of glue to the top of the box for the Rubik's Cube

Step 3:

Add the Kit Kats down for feet. I put two small dabs of glue on each Kit Kats.

We're in the home stretch!

Step 4:

I made this sign cutting out some hearts on my Cricut, but you can cut out any shape.

Glue the sign onto your Juice Box Robot. I decided to write: 

"I like you a "BOT" 
Happy Valentine's Day! 
Love, Baby Fox

Baby Fox has a relatively small class, but each one of these was about $2.00.

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