Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Recap and How We Store Our Christmas Decorations

Mr. got his Christmas gift in the mail and had to put it together right away. He's so excited to get a little cardio in the morning before he leaves for work.

Saturday was a stay at home type of day. My dad dropped of some donuts for the kids.

I wanted to get the Christmas decorations down. So while they ate breakfast/donuts and watched Star Wars, I started taking stuff down.

I thought I'm always curious about how people store things, so this is how we store our stuff, in bins, and lots of them.

A side view to get the depth of the bins. I have to admit that there is one more large bin that was in the garage that houses one of our Christmas trees and a few odds and ends.

In our garage we have lots of cabinets, on this top shelf we store all of the decorations for the Red/Black/White Christmas Tree.

A little closer up, the thing on the middles shelf on the right is a scarecrow that I forgot I had for Thanksgiving.

To the right of the cabinet we keep some of our Halloween/Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Plus some camping stuff and that big box on the far right is left over carpet from our carpet installation...6 years ago.

In our third car garage we have these bins. One of them is old clothes and things from my childhood, two of them are extra toys that we rotate and the other four are for Christmas decorations.

Oh and one last spot, Remember how the one of the large bins hold a Christmas tree? Well the very bottom of the tree doesn't fit in the bin, so it goes there on the top left shelf. There's also some climbing gear (that jug in the middle of the two bins is climbing chalk.)

After we got most of the Christmas stuff put away we took the kids over to the park, the kids like taking this "secret" passage to the park, yes she's wearing her Pj's, we couldn't get her out of them, and why fight it? It's a lazy Saturday.

She was so excited to ride on her scooter. She was running to me to retrieve her scooter.

She is still trying to get used to the scooter, so her brother was helping out, my heart was bursting with pride and love.

and this is the reason it's best if Daddy takes the kids to the park by himself...I had quite a few heart attacks! Yes he seemed as high as this picture...I was sure he was going to go flying off.

Speaking of flying, he does like to jump off the swing, at least he has enough reason to jump off when he's a little lower.

Sunday Mr. took Baby Fox to the movies to see Star Wars.

Mini Fox and I went to my favorite store...we sent this back as a reply.

She's saying, "[I'm In a] Basket Full of Stuff"

We were at Target, then went grocery shopping and came back ate lunch and she took a nap while I did some blog stuff. Pretty low key weekend if you ask me. Just what we all needed actually.

How was all of your weekend? 

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